Percent of water fluoridation in Australia 2005 and 2012

Diane Drayton Buckland

Greetings to all. My name is Diane Drayton Buckland, a Citizen of Queensland Australia my entire life. I became an Independent Researcher after discovering that the very people supposedly protecting our health and safety are failing woefully and the extent of the corruption, collusion and conflicts of interests is a very real and serious threat to our health and safety. ‘Rubbing salt into the wound’ of this shocking state of affairs, is a ‘seemingly controlled/highly biased’ mainstream ‘puppet’ media, failing to report anything adverse to protect our population on this critically important health matter and some of the journalists in mainstream media say some appalling things about anyone speaking out against ‘fluoridation’.

For a considerable number of years, I have been fighting alongside many brilliant researchers and safe water advocates in Australia and around the world and for all these years we have been doing the job that mainstream media should have been doing and that is, to do extensive Investigative research, without bias/conflicts of interests and to alert the public to the truth of ‘water fluoridation schemes,’ which is the hazardous waste pollutant poisoning of Australia’s drinking water supplies (and hence the contamination of our entire food chain, environment, us and all life) with dangerously corrosive fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium etc., (the hazardous waste from phosphate fertilizer industries) (via the “health” policy known as “water fluoridation”). This ‘water fluoridation’ ‘fluoride’ S6 & S7 poisons, is different from the sodium fluoride used in toothpastes S5 poison (which is the toxic waste from Aluminium Smelting). (Years ago, also shockingly, the Australian Government changed the status of toothpastes to enable the removal of the Poison Warning Labels – see page 233 of the linked report for more detail).

I wish to draw particular attention to the latest developments in the State of Queensland, where recently the decision-making process on whether to fluoride pollute or not to fluoride pollute the drinking water supplies has been transferred to local councils after Premier Campbell Newman’s Government rescinded the Bligh Government Mandate. Out of the fray, enters an LNP Member of Parliament, who has courageously risen to seize the headlines with his fearless, moral and ethical opposition to fluoridation/pollution along with some courageous others. For his efforts, he has been attacked and ridiculed by the usual pro-fluoridation propagandists and their army of cronies.

If you find the information in this report alarming, shocking, disturbing and a threat to your health and long term health, a total loss of your rights as a citizen to have freedom of choice, health rights freedom and you do not wish to allow Governments and their interests, Councils, Dentists, Doctors or anyone else to have the right to forcibly medicate/drug/chronically poison you and your loved ones including your pets with these hazardous waste pollutants known as ‘fluoridation’ in your water supplies and hence all through the food chain, the best way you can support and be a part of the ongoing efforts of all of us here in Queensland and Australia wide and the tens of thousands of safe water advocates around the world – is to share this report with friends, family, neighbors, workmates, bosses, mayors, councilors, lawyers, solicitors, barristers, queens counsels, professionals, environmentalists, health groups, animal protection groups, Schools, kindergartens, child care centres, human rights groups, citizens’ rights groups and all citizens from All Walks of Life who care about the complete health and safety of themselves, the population, all life and our entire environment; and to protect us all from the consequences of the revolving door of industries/organisations/associations to governments and to convince those in government and councils that this chronic poisoning of the population by way of ‘water fluoridation’ must once and for all, cease and desist.

The information in this report is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’’, the extensive evidence of harm from world experts is in fact, staggering, and this evidence has been consistently ignored, dismissed and suppressed by all Australian authorities, their interests and mainstream media, ADA, AMA and remember to note well, that we are in dental crisis Australia wide after decades of ‘water fluoridation/pollution’ first commencing Beaconsfield, Tasmania in 1953 and all States of Australia 1964, 1965, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1977 and December, 2008 Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas and ongoing all throughout Queensland; this proves the abysmal failure of ‘water fluoridation’ schemes. The USA is in dental crisis also after 67 years of ‘water fluoridation/pollution’.

The power to protect and substantially improve the future of the Australian population’s health, quality of life, dental health, safety and our entire environment is in your hands; take action please for all our sakes. I call on all people to fully support and commend, any and all Councils who refuse to continue or commence chronically poisoning their citizens with ‘water fluoridation/pollution’ and ask that everyone continue working with remaining councils to ensure they are fully aware and informed of the truth of water fluoridation/pollution and thereby placing the citizens in harm’s way if they commence or continue ‘water fluoridation/pollution’. All councils in Queensland (and Australia wide) in view of such extensive evidence of harm, have no alternative but to cease permanently and irrevocably for all time, all water fluoridation/pollution schemes; our health and particularly our long term health and the health of all life depends on it.

I note another council continuing with water fluoridation/pollution; this article 7 January, 2013 Fluoride to stay in Somerset Water – this is unethical that these people can make such decisions to impact our health, safety and our lives; but because of The Fluoridation Propaganda Machine/Web of Deception and a pro-fluoridation mainstream media, many people including mayors, councilors, MP’s and others, still have not been given the truth of the evidence of harm and the truth of fluorides/silicofluorides/fluorosilicic acid. The Mayor Graeme Lehmann of Somerset Regional Council has decided to stay with ‘water fluoridation/pollution’, stating they are staying with it because of the cost of opting out – No not so, Graeme. NZ, USA, Canada and other places just stopped adding the hazardous waste ‘fluoride’. You must not continue with this and you do yourselves serious harm by listening only to the pro-fluoride Australian Dental Association and Australian Medical Association and their associates.

Remember to refer to pages 87/88 to see the ADA & AMA’s part in forced/mandated ‘fluoridation‘.

The population, MP’s, mayors and councilors when armed with all this evidence of harm, must demand an immediate irrevocable ban on all ‘water fluoridation schemes’. The evidence of harm in this report is the tip of the iceberg.


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3 Responses to “Exposing the Hazardous Waste Poisoning of a Nation”

  1. abinico warez says:

    Years ago in the rural county where I lived, the govt leaders sold out to the fluoride industry and they passed a law requiring the registration of all water wells. The registration was the first step in eventually requiring the installation of fluoridation equipment. Not a single person registered their well. Evil govt foiled, and at next election, those who sponsored this invasion were kicked out of office. To this day, the govt has not tried this again.

  2. There is a change in the url for my Brief Overview also – it is:-

    REPORT: Brief Overview of Water Fluoridation/Pollution – 11 September, 2013 Diane Drayton Buckland


  3. I actually was very distressed and frightened for all of us, when my husband came home from work – he has just heard one of his brothers has just been diagnosed with kidney disease (this brother also suffers GERD) – he (the brother) has been forced to consume hazardous waste pollutants & co-contaminants known as ‘water fluoridation’ in water supplies and all through food chain for about 30 years in New South Wales – they are polluted with this poison about 95 to 96% of the state of New South Wales. The rest of Australia as you know heavily polluted/fluoridated. We here in Brisbane and surrounding areas, Gold Coast etc., polluted/fluoridated since Dec. 2008.

    Fluoride and the kidneys

    Fluoride toxic to kidney

    Fluoridation of community water/kidney disease

    SL – A Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride See VII Fluoride & the Kidneys

    International Society for Fluoride Research Inc.

    The only answer EVER was to provide access to affordable dental health care services for all the population, not the disposal of hazardous waste pollutants and co-contaminants known as water fluoridation; into our drinking water supplies and hence also the contamination of our food chain and using the populations’ kidneys as hazardous waste disposal/filtration units.

    Thank you and my kind regards, Diane