Dr. HuberBarb’s Note: This is a must see video where Dr. Huber spells out the exact hazards we are facing regarding uncontrolled horizontal transfer of genetically engineered material, and the effects of Glyphosate on reproductive health and the entire future of the human race.

GMO Free Kauai Ohana

An impromptu interview with Dr. Don Huber by a local Kauai Mom, briefly covering some of the highlights of his presentation on Genetically Modified Crops, and the pesticide Glyphosate (RoundUp). – Scientists have recently discovered a mycotoxic / pathogen that is in GMO crops like corn, soy and wheat, that causes infertility and miscarriage in livestock animals and people. It’s impacting cattle and livestock farmer’s using GMO feed with up to 50% loss of fertility, and may be attributing to worldwide drop in Human Fertility. This new pathogen is being studied by scientists around the world at the moment trying to understand more, while the GMO Chemical companies are aware of this pathogen, they are keeping silent, and instead trying to discredit Dr. Huber, a man with 40+ years medical military intelligence experience who had the unique job of studying, monitoring and reporting to military and intelligence pathogenic threats to our food system and human population. Dr. Huber understands and spent a lifetime studying plant and soil pathogens, bio-warfare and protecting our nations food supply in the military.

He also covers how growing GMO crops destroys soil viability and microbes, and lateral gene transfer of the GMO crops into soil microbes, so that even years later, non-gmo crops you plant on that soil become contaminated with GMO genetic material from the soil bacteria. GMO crops are ‘promiscuous’, they swap genes readily with microbes, bacteria, virus, plants, fungus, animals, humans and this includes continuing to laterally gene transfer inside YOU once you eat them.

glyphosate ppm

Dr. Huber explains that GMO foods are altering the Epigenetics of the human race, and our planet in ways that we do not yet fully understand or comprehend.

He commends Kauai County Council for taking this on with bill 2491 to protect the people of Kauai, noting that in science the ‘Precautionary Principle” applies with Genetically Modified Organisms that have the capacity to swap and alter genes the the environment and humans and that Kauai needs to take precautions, to take action now.

GMO crop DNA does “Not stay where you put it,” explains Dr. Huber “It exchanges DNA with other plants, even soil microbes, bacteria, virus’s and fungus, animals and even people”. Scientists cannot ‘turn off’ the GMO DNA promiscuity, or gene swapping / mutating ability.

Dr. Huber presented an in-depth three hour lecture here on Kauai, that is relevant to the Local Impact here on Kauai of growing so many acres of experimental GMO’s.

His lecture also reflects the Global impact of potentially devastating consequences that Kauai plays a role in, by exporting these GMO seeds (and new pathogen) to the rest of the world.

Kauai’s future soil viability is at risk, as the soil microbes are not only destroyed, but GMO crops genetically pollute the soil and years later transfer into NEW crops on the same land.

They literally change the epigenetic ecology of our entire island, animals and people on Kauai by their introduction unchecked into the island’s environment. “We Know How to Get These Genes In, We don’t Know How to Get them Out of the Environment” – Dr. Huber

I have included a few excerpts of his presentation following the 20 minute interview.

You can read Dr. Don Huber’s full resume here:


Please urge Kauai County Council to pass bill 2491 regarding GMO’s and Pesticides, part of this bill is a moratorium on new GMO crops until an Environmental Impact Study can be completed. From the local to the global impacts Kauai plays a role in, and the new research coming out about the genetic damage, gene transfer/contamination and infertility pathogen of GMO crops, this is a reasonable and moderate thing to do.


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3 Responses to “Dr. Huber: GMOs & Glyphosate Global Impact of Devastating Consequences”

  1. gmo2ashes says:

    Anthony Samsel on the Effects of Glyphosate

  2. Abe says:

    Spot ON Alex!!
    The FDA just doubled the content of Glyphosate from 400ppm to 800ppm.
    Here’s some facts from my research into Ethoxiquin from 20 years ago.
    They allowed 3 ppm in human food, but in pet food they allowed 300 ppm. People who had pets from the late 60’s to mid 90’s probably experienced a long, slow, and painful death of there pets.
    I must say Dr. Huber is on hell of a stand up guy!

  3. alex says:

    * I keep telling people that THEY’RE definitely/without a doubt, trying to cull/kill us!….Who were the great ‘poisoners’down through the centuries???…therein lies your answer…”The fish rots from the head…down”…Who else could inflict such an ‘all enveloping’ global campaign of unwelcome insidious machinations of surreptitious manipulation of “POWER & CONTROL” upon the masses???…..Welcome to the NWO that’s being brought to you by the generational scoin/descendants of I.G.Farben & the Royal bloodlines.