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Farm Wars

Yes, while we carry signs, march around, and engage in the farce of supposedly fighting Monsanto to get them to please allow us to label some of their genetically engineered food products (GMOs) on the grocery store shelves, wholesale contamination is occurring right under our noses that only a ban would have stopped.

But no, instead of concentrating on a ban, we hide our heads in the sand, eat GMO alfalfa-fed beef, and watch as our entire 2013 crop of hay gets contaminated with Roundup Ready genes. But don’t worry, alfalfa fields only last for six years before replanting. Enough time to pollute every hay field within several miles of the planting and beyond.

So, it looks like I am nearing the end of my alfalfa purchases. I will no longer be able to get non-contaminated alfalfa hay for my critters, and that has been a staple ever since I’ve had them. No more. I will no longer be able to trust any of the alfalfa in the grand old United States to be free of GMO contamination except for three counties in California (Marin, Trinity, and Mendocino) and one county in Washington (San Juan) that have had the foresight to ban GMO planting. These counties get it. You’ve got to get to the root of the matter, and that is to keep GMOs from being put in the ground in the first place. When it gets to the point of labeling, it is already too late.

Let me ask those who are leading the labeling campaign some questions:

  • Why did you sell out to labeling instead of a complete ban?
  • Why are you participating in the phony, yes I said phony, fight to label when only a ban will accomplish stopping GMOs in their tracks? Is it because you can still appear to be one of the good guys while raking in the bucks from the GMO contaminated “organic” food you sell and/or promote by the compromised companies that sponsor your sites?
  • And the million dollar question – How do you sleep at night knowing that you are promoting that which you say you are against and watch while the planet is polluted with transgenic crops?
  • Will your labeling fight address hay fields full of GMO alfalfa? Let me answer this one for you: NO! IT WILL NOT!

And to the followers of these sellouts:

  • Why are you allowing yourself to be led by the nose in a false fight that is only designed to make the leaders more money and not get rid of GMOs?

And the GMO spread continues as those in positions to really make a difference turn their backs on the people who trust them and sell them out for the almighty buck. Shame on you!

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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17 Responses to “Roundup Ready Alfalfa Planted While We Do the Labeling Dance”

  1. Koen De Jaeger says:

    Totally agree with your article! The only irreversible process of these crops is the the transgenic modifications seen in other plants. Forget about labeling. Forget about bombs and pesticides, those are reversible. Nature will solve glysophate. Wanna fuck up gut flora in the long run? All out takes is some plants and lots of time.
    A positive note : if we isolate the current crops then maybe in a few thousands of years we’ll actually be able to digest the enzymes produced by these crops without getting to many side effects.

  2. Scott Douglas Lemoine says:

    Great post gmo2ashes! I’m sharing it with your name and this website attached!

  3. gmo2ashes says:

    @Alan Donelson

    It is the nature of humans and living things to defend themselves. To me, doing nothing to defend ourselves against the irreversible contamination of the food chain is irresponsible at best, suicidal in the least. Such inaction and apathy seem more suited to rocks – and the mark of laziness.

    I agree with your implication that fighting the beast can bring extreme hardship, retaliation, civil unrest, martial law and the deaths of millions – and even thinking about such action warrants great caution. However, to not speak out, to not take action, is a signal to the perps that we willingly accept whatever fate they decide.

    Regarding our present dilemma, please explain (in plain language) how doing absolutely nothing is the best course to resolve the GMO crisis.

  4. Alan Donelson says:

    From GMOs to vaccines, from chemclouding to targeting bad weather, from Big Brotherhood to corporatism to fascism and back through that morass again and again, I find such problems have the character of a Chinese finger puzzle, among the relatively few imports from “the Far East”there and Japan back then, once upon a time in America. The more one pulled poles apart, the tighter the grasp of woven bamboo.

    I suppose, though, during times when calls for doing battle “with the enemy” soar forth, that it would seem vacuous (for likely example, to Brother gmo2ashes) to argue that “doing nothing” is just the ticket. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the beast, without feeding, will implode in its due time.

  5. gmo2ashes says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Unknown

  6. Alan Donelson says:

    Even in these darkened days, occasionally, people coalesce, focus their discontent, and TPTB (for want of a better label for now) back off. Usually these are “small matters” that will not change humanity’s course. Nonetheless, if we continue the direction we have taken, we shall very likely reach the disastrous end toward which many more than we toil. (Paraphrase, of course.) However, each such anecdote helps us bolster courage within and within those who choose alternative paths.

    The drawback and principal disadvantage of protests, “wars against [your issue here]”, hatred and other emotional responses is that YOU FEED THE BEAST. Live by the sword, die by the sword. The idea of “debating” any violent strategy or method or tactic seems silly, given the thorough surveillance apparatus (apparati?!) in place or soon enough in place. Read words attributed reliably to Jesus and Ghandi, among many such avatars and saints, for Heaven’s sake on earth.

    As many have recently counseled, and I agree, the best response for now seems WITHDRAWAL, that is, “stop feeding the beast” — stop digging if you find yourself holed up somewhere and unable to get moving again. Gather together in silence with other like, strong-minded souls, to review, share intelligence, plan, evolve the response going forward. Nothing is perfect, everything needs some work!


  7. gmo2ashes says:

    @Alan Donelson: Forget about following those who advocate labeling GMOs. It’s obvious they don’t have a clue; either that or they’re bought and paid for by the biotechs.

    The time for dialogue, debate and protest has long passed. We are witnessing the accelerated slow-kill of the human race. We are under attack on all sides from an enemy using GMOs and other means to cripple and kill a nation – all justified by fake science, controlled opposition and the complicit media.

    We exist in a war zone where each day is spent navigating a minefield of misinformation and legislative booby traps.

    And now a “meeting of the minds” to debate whether or not we should debate. Baloney.

    Instead, let’s debate whether the American public should torch GMO fields at night, or in broad daylight – and how best to go about that defensive task in the most productive ways.

    Let’s start a REAL debate that produces results.

  8. Alan Donelson says:

    Of interest to all, I’m sure — forgive cross-posting — please be invited to the following event.

    Attend The Debate of the Decade, Dinner, and Dance
    November 7, 2013 | 6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
    Sheraton Downtown Atlanta Hotel – Atlanta, GA
    The focus of this not-to-miss evening is a debate between two Real Food movement leaders,
    Dr. Joseph Mercola of and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm as they debate:

    Should the Federal government mandate GMO labeling on food?

    How about a quick answer to this divisive topic: Label all you want as we move, first and foremost, to a complete ban, then prosecution of the perpetrators.

  9. gmo2ashes says:

    We exist in a war zone. GMOs and their associated chemical agents are only part of the greater arsenal being used to weaken, maim and kill the population.

    It is near impossible for the average Joe to realize that we are under attack by an enemy force that now dominates the control hierarchy of the United States. No one wants to deal with that reality. Since bombs aren’t falling and tanks aren’t rolling and troops aren’t machine-gunning the populace, there’s no call for alarm, there’s no war, nor any need to defend our families, our homes, our nation, or our food supply.

    The populace is drugged up, dumbed down and distracted. Men are emasculated. Laws are in place to charge anyone who even thinks of defending themselves as being a terrorist or a criminal. It’s a military strategy. The enemy’s successful assault is calculated to rely upon 1) the public’s ignorance of what’s happening, 2) dependence and faith in government to defend the country and 3) the fear of imprisonment.

    GMO labeling is a strategic maneuver used to disempower and placate the public while a very organized and deadly enemy continues its assault unchallenged. Regardless if he was aware and physically capable, the average Joe doesn’t know how to coordinate a defense against even the most minimal threat, not to mention one against an overpowering enemy that for all intents and purposes, appears to be a GOV-CO alliance.

    The enemy is already well inside the gate; it’s poisoning your sons and daughters while cloaked in the flag and masquerading as political debate. Other than encouraging and applauding small guerilla teams who burn GMO fields in the dead of night, at this juncture the larger battle seems hopeless. While glyphosate and aluminum particulate (from chemtrails) destroy soils, in a few years likely all domesticated food species will be contaminated by GMOs.

    We are approaching a dead zone. Humanity is targeted for termination. Artificial, self-replicating nanotech silica life forms (morgellons) are emerging. The insanity of transhumanism is the prevailing theme and agenda.

    The US is founded upon deception, murder and theft. From such evil seeds, the harvest will only be more of the same. Rather than learn from their wisdom and delight in coexistence with them, we killed our greatest allies – the indigenous peoples who populated the Americas before the European invasion.

    You cannot do to anything to another person without doing it to yourself. Murder has come full circle now. We will all experience the same fate as our victims. To label or not to label is a silly distraction to take your mind off what really needs to be done – that is, to burn the whole damned garden to ashes and start over again with deeper insight.

  10. Abe says:

    I get ramped up to Barb. I just finished reading Dr. Mary’s Monkey (easy and worth reading). So did you know the Polio Vaccine was Genetically Modified by radiation (linear particle Accelerator). Holy Jesus the cancer rate in soft organs has sky rocketed. This was suppose to kill Castro. How in the hell did it end up in the Polio Vaccine. Duh, It was suppose to!

    Maybe once the useless eaters have been culled, it will be easier to tell the good guys from the bad. Already know the bad guys, but the “useful idiots” always get in the way!

    God how I’d love to give the pimps and whores in DC a glyphosphate enema!

    As long as the zombified sheeple believe what were told, the masses are screwed. Even some in the no forced vaccine group don’t get it. GMO’s are everywhere! Drugs, vaccines, food, air,
    water, the woods, Lakes & streams, critters,and probably else where.

    People are basically really stupid! Look at Barry Care, the so called “Government” health care. Run by the IRS for the Private Bank known as the Federal Reserve. Most believe this rigged game for health care is government. I guess Gerbils was right, or was it Goering? Repeat the lie till it becomes truth.

    People are waking up, and in big numbers now. To bad it’s not 1964. Day late and a dollar short!

    All USDA Organic means today is that it was atleast an honest effort, or a way to increase the rats profits!!

  11. Abe, I was hoping the same thing – that it would be used to wake people up. But will it be too late by the time they do? That is why I am pushing a ban. I can see the results of labeling if we get it. We will still be in the same position we are in today – widespread planting of GMOs, and people eating food that is most likely mislabeled. Look at the labeling standards. There are so many omissions and so many loopholes that a GMO elephant could saunter through. So, this obviously isn’t about truth in labeling, so it must be about informing people. But look at Aspartame. It is labeled. It is GMO, and people are eating it in record numbers despite the safety hazards, and now they want to put it in children’s milk and say they are doing good because they are not using high calorie sugar, which just happens to be GMO also. Meanwhile, real organic producers watch while genetic contamination makes it almost impossible to grow good, clean food. Sorry for the rant, but this is serious, and I get a bit ramped up about it ;)

  12. Abe says:

    Labeling dance is right. Most of us pushing this, (myself included) are hoping this will wake up the sheeple. At this point I’m about ready to grab my driver and crackem one in the head. That might get there attn, if they survive. Maybe it’s time to go colfing in DC & St. Louie!
    You are what you eat?!
    You are what you eat eats!

  13. Barb T. says:

    Warp says that “once the animals eat the GMO’s , their bodies will process the toxins into safe forms. I would like it pointed out how there is NO direct human harm and also how the animals process these GMO toxins before they are slaughtered and also how we know this is what happens. Or is this just a theory?

  14. warp – That is the industry spin, and is not correct. Glyphosate info: Animal health info: Horizontal gene transfer: GMO talking points: GMOs are not completely degraded in the gut, and the toxins are not processed into safe forms. Coexistence is also not possible. Transgenes are fluid and through cross-pollination and horizontal gene transfer, neighboring crops from miles away will be contaminated. So, this is not merely an issue of “will my meat be safe,” but will anything be the same ever again once the entire food supply is contaminated with GMOs? Yes, there is direct human harm, but to understand this you have to look at the meat on your plate and beyond, to the health of the animal you are consuming, the toxicity of the environment, and the effects of the transgenes being unleashed uncontrolled into the environment.”From stud­ies we’ve seen with DNA fed to preg­nant mice, frag­ments of it ended up in the brains of their off­spring, show­ing that DNA can travel through the pla­centa and across the blood-brain barrier.”

  15. suss says:

    Sorry this happened to you Ned- there will be retribution btw imo, probably not on this plane but the life after- wonder if we’ll see it- sure hope so!!!! Dirty bastards need to pay!!!

  16. nedlud says:

    Thanks, Barbara, you get it.

    If you know me (nedlud), you know I/we am/are totally discouraged and defeated, disillusioned and enraged by my/our experience with certified organic and more specifically Organic Valley and MOSA and what was done to us, our little dairy farm and cows.

    No lawyer would help us and then turning toward big names like Wendell Berry, Gene Logsdon, Maria Rodale and Joel Salatin (many more), not a one of them would stand up for us or our tiny farm either. Not a god-damned one!

    These people are all sellouts and cowards, every one of them.

    You cannot bargain with the devil, for you soon are his agent.

    This is what is happening on earth now. It is a veritable plague of self-delusion, grandiosity, sophistry and the aforementioned cowardice.


  17. warp says:

    My understanding is that once the animals eat the GMO product, their bodies will process the toxins into safe forms long before they are slaughtered for consumption.

    If there is direct human harm caused by animals consuming GMO alfalfa, I need you to point it out!

    (increased use of Monsanto products is INDIRECT human harm)