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This is one of the most disturbing events I have ever covered. As I was learning abut the vicious arrest of Christina West, I could not help wondering if this isn’t what full scale martial law will look like when it is finally imposed on our country? Are these the type of police tactics which are being taught to local police departments as DHS completes the federalizing of local law enforcement? The undeniable answer to this question can be answered in the affirmative.


The end goal is to have the government consolidate control over all policing activities in the United States under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Through “terrorism grants“, the Department of Homeland Security started training the various police departments in the application of brutal arrest tactics and abusive crowd control. Further, DHS is providing local police with sophisticated military hardware equipment. The end result is that America has a new attitude towards police the public and the term, storm troopers, best describes most of our nation’s police forces. These practices are going on all over the United States, even in isolated rural areas where the chance of a terrorist attack was near zero.


This article takes a look at the arrest of Christina West as the poster child as to what a federalized police looks and acts like. The following is a Tallahassee, FL. police video of a routine DUI arrest of Christina West. However, this arrest was unlike any I have ever seen.  Viewer discretion with regard to watching the video is advised because the video contains graphic language and content.


The city of Tallahassee is presently facing a lawsuit involving Christina West, a 44-year-old woman, who was subjected to extreme police brutality and unnecessary use of force by police officers during a standard DUI arrest. Readers should keep in mind that Christina West is 5’6″ and weighs 130 lbs. This is what Ms. West looked like when these thugs with a badge were done with her… READ MORE…

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3 Responses to “Is This What Martial Law Will Look Like?”

  1. Irene says:

    I saw rape. She was RAPED by 4 police officers in Florida and it was recorded on a dashboard camera.

    The florida magistrate will probably Drop all charges, appologise , consider bribing her for her silence. It was RAPE. Nobody came to help her and she was raped and abused for 15 minutes durring a routine traffic stop. What a cute drunk girl to be alone in a car at 4 am. She deserved to get raped for doing the sobriaty test in that cute little white skirt. Do you suppose she is a terrorist and so under the patriot act she has no defence, right to trial, due process, or mirranda rights? What the hell? I don’t know if this is martial law but it sure is a violation of her human rights and the unspoken contract between cops and prisoners to act justly for good behavior.

  2. Cabek says:

    You forgot the Boston Marathon bombings when soldiers and troop had a lock down of the whole city, and troops in black gear went from house to house, searching without a warrant, and threatening people. That’s what full scale martial law looks like.

  3. Abe says:

    I’ve been noticing this for the last 30 years on the east coast. She looked as bad as I did without the baseball sized knot on her head. I left a honky tonk about 10:00 while my friend stayed inside to go to sleep in his car. The next thing I knew was I saw a big flash, had an extreme headache, and was getting my shoulders ripped out of joint. Took it through internal affairs. Boy was that a joke! A real kangaroo court. this was in Virginia Beach about 1984. I should of went straight to a lawyer. My bad.

    I hope Christina gets served up some pig oysters on a platinum platter. I see it took 6 of them to arrest her. Those a$$ holes will use any excuse to beat the crap out of anybody. I wonder why they made her get out of the car after they had her in it??

    This is unexceptable in a free society! Just because some idiot pollitician says were in a “free society” doesn’t make it so!

    Protect and serve the state as revenuers is what this is!