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Farm Wars

Following on the heels of the GM wheat contamination incident in Oregon, GM contaminated alfalfa has now been found where it wasn’t supposed to be in the state of Washington, only this time it was of the “approved” variety of GMOs.

(Reuters) – Agriculture officials in Washington state are testing samples of alfalfa after a farmer reported his hay was rejected for export because it tested positive for a genetically modified trait that was not supposed to be in his crop.

If it is confirmed that the alfalfa in question was genetically modified, it could have broad ramifications, said Hector Castro, spokesman at the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

“It’s a sensitive issue,” Castro said.

Biotech alfalfa is approved for commercial production in the United States. But many foreign and domestic buyers require that supplies not be genetically modified, and the possible presence of GMO modified alfalfa in export supplies could result in lost sales for U.S. farmers. READ MORE…

Looks like farmers are in for a bumpy ride thanks to Monsanto et. al. Think it’s time for a ban yet?

Barbara H. Peterson

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11 Responses to “GMO Contaminated Alfalfa from Washington Rejected for Export”

  1. gmo2ashes says:

    The USDA, the CDC, the FDA – these are divisions of the military-industrial complex. The coordinated attacks against America and the world is a military operation. Any expected commonsense and humanitarian checks and balances normally in place to protect the public are totally absent. This isn’t greed on steroids or the oversight of science; this is cold, calculated war.

    Without a ban & burn trend, and with GOV-CO and the biotechs rolling out more and more GMOs, survivalists should look to the myriad wild, edible plants that are indigenous to their geographic area. While Monsanto and the biotechs are busy destroying domestic species, learn what wild species are available in your region, what they look like, which are the most nutritious, when to harvest them, how to plant them yourself, etc.


  2. Thanks, Oz! Corrected ;)

  3. ozspeaksup says:

    Typo in the first line Barbara, HEELS not heals, spellcheck was asleep:-)
    looks just like another Flaxseed Triffid example doesnt it!
    tiny seed and so damned easy to be wind/ water or clothing/shoes/vehicular carried far n wide.
    this will have HUGE ramifications for trade/export and also for anyone wanting organic alfalfa sprouts etc.
    Happily screwing up the worlds clean food supplies daily!

  4. Gary says:

    That farmer should “Sue” Monsanto before they “Sue” him!

  5. gmo2ashes says:

    If a home invader comes into your house in the middle of the night and threatens to harm your family … and you have the means and opportunity to defend against their threat … would you instead make a cardboard protest sign and march around the room?

    Like other countries whose citizens took it upon themselves to burn GMOs in the field to defend their families’ health and future welfare, Americans have the same ability and choice to neutralize the GMO threat, as being done elsewhere.

  6. fred says:

    Check out the “MOnsanto Protection Act” that our Z enemies in gov have decreed.

  7. sundown says:

    Yes. Time for a ban… And I would bet that Monsanto does chemtrails, too..

  8. Irene says:

    I went to a lawier to enquire about my legal rights concerning the contamination of my farm with canola. I was told that I would surly loose my farm because as the law is writen Monsanto owns every patch of ground their pattented stuff grows on. Not one local lawier would take my case saying I had no case at all and I would just screw myself loosing everything. Fear and expense has turned me into an other silent suffering non farmer. I’ve been given a choice, either join them by getting licenced seed, planting canola everywhere or try to keep it a secret and hope it is never discovered. Monsanto represenitives help the weed controle board snoop on properties sending letters to those who have weed problems offering to spray round up weed killer at a taxpayer funded discount. The cannola survives the spraying thus exposing the farmer and monsanto gets the inside track on who to threaten or sue next.

  9. Irene says:

    The systen is rigged in favor of who pays the bill. In this case Monsanto is one of the biggest election campain contributor and what crony judge is going to foil his re-election campaign? Also common knowlege via Edward Snowden has reconfirmed that the NSA has the justices caged so that their spouses and friends are targets of retribution if they communicate anti=monsanto ideas over any electronic means. Further, Vote rigging is obviously going on and multiple false flag killings like Gabriel Giffords tragic shooting become a possibillity if one bucks the system of controle. All these illegalities conspire to make a fascist corporate dictatorship that uses false flags, surveillance, and outright threats to eradicate our legal rights.

  10. mchawe says:

    Can’t understand why Monsanto never gets sued.
    In England the principle in Rylands v. Fletcher would apply. It is the duty of the owner or occupier of Land A to prevent an escape to Land B that causes damage to B. How come in America Monsanto never gets sued for escapes of GM plants, pollen or whatever? In civil cases the onus of proof is not as high as in criminal cases. It is “On the balance of probabilities”, not “Beyond a reasonable doubt.”
    It seems American farmer just sits back and does nothing while it is Monsanto that is always the aggressor in the courts.