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Farm Wars

Isn’t this type of collusion the very thing we should be fighting against instead of supporting? Just sayin’….


IRT and Silk

“Jeffrey Smith: I have no problem with the technology per se. I think it’s important to have the technology if we can correct a defective gene in a human being with human gene therapy – that’s great. But that’s a risk that one person will take. Right now we can’t predictably and safely manipulate the genes in the way we are doing to protect health and the environment. So, to release the products of this infant science, which is prone to side-effects into the food supply and moreover into the environment where the self-propagating pollution of the gene-pool trough pollen drift and seed movement makes it irreversible – that’s not responsible at this time. Maybe in 50 to 100 years, maybe at some point in the future when we fully understand the DNA enough to make these manipulations – then it would be responsible to introduce GMOs into the outdoors or food.”

I do have a problem with the technology, and so do many others.

“The new genetics tells us that organisms need to engage in natural genetic modification in order to survive; artificial genetic modification interferes fundamentally with the natural process, and it is well-nigh impossible to avoid doing so.” Dr Mae-Wan Ho

It is the technology itself that poses the greatest risk.

“In order to survive, the organism needs to engage in natural genetic modification in real time, an exquisitely precise molecular dance of life in which RNA and DNA respond to, and participate fully in ‘downstream’ biological functions.  That is why organisms and ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to the crude, artificial GM RNA and DNA created by human genetic engineers. It is also why genetic modification can probably never be safe.”

So, tell me again how you have no problem with the technology, because there is a very big problem with it, and it will only get worse. Tell me again how you are fighting for our “right to know” through labeling while being sponsored by Silk, and not calling for a complete ban of a dangerous technology that stands to re-engineer the planet by artificial means. Tell me again how I should support your efforts. I’d really like to know.

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18 Responses to “Why is the Non-GMO Shopping Guide Sponsored by Silk?”

  1. Irene says:

    when you go to the lecture, can you get video or even a sound recording? A cell phone works great and can live streem audio to a websight. See if they will let you tape the lecture digitally with your cell phone? Atleast the NSA will have a copy, even if we screw up our own recording.

    I have cannola blossoming and going to seed all over the neighbors property, should they loose their land for mismanagement because it is an invasive species resistant to the poison they used. Never has that property been used for cropland. Cannola very invasive and resistant to weed killer. Only mowing helps. My goats won’t eat the cannola.

  2. About The WhiteWave Foods Company

    WhiteWave’s widely-recognized, leading brands distributed in North America include Silk(R) plant-based foods and beverages, International Delight(R) and LAND O LAKES(R) coffee creamers and beverages, and Horizon Organic(R) premium dairy products. Its popular European brands of plant-based foods and beverages include Alpro(R) and Provamel(R).

    Forage Genetics is a subsidiary of Land O Lakes

    Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Returning to U.S. Market
    1/27/2011 12:00 AM

    Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a deregulation decision on Roundup Ready® Alfalfa, which was co-developed by Land O’Lakes subsidiary Forage Genetics International. Below is a news release issued by Forage Genetics on this important decision.

    So, whether or not Dean Foods divested itself of Silk stock, Silk is still owned by the same company, White Wave, that also owns Land O Lakes.

  3. bert says:

    In case I’m wrong in assuming that Deborah’s post should be misunderstood as something other than deeply cynical, I’ll take a quick opportunity to expand what she is saying. What most insiders of the Wall St.-Pentagon complex fail to understand is that their belief system is flawed at the deepest possible levels. The arrays of fictions and lies that they create with their IPOs, then followed by LBOs, both driven by insider debt-frauds called Hedge Funds, and its endless war-machine machinations, is a completely impotent and negative force when it comes to cocreation of reality. Some insiders even identify this form of fictional positivism as a potential moral hazard. The Wall St.-Pentagon Complex, of which WhiteWave, Dean Foods, Monsanto and JP Morgan are throbbing parts, has been a Bolshevik 5th column since its inception. (long story …) In short, their motto is, By deception we shall wage war … But against what? The one thing that they hate the most are the two principles of evolution and innocence. Innocence and evolution occur together, and one does not occur without the other. As Christine suggested below, in the real world, these two principles are the natural desire that pulls life and consciousness in its long-wave upward and forward direction.

    There is only one possible purpose for a culture of deception. The purpose of every deception is ultimately a betrayal. Applied on a mass scale the deception leads to treason. That is the modality of the Wall St.-Pentagon complex. Betrayal and treason, and adultery … of every form, pretty much sums up the Bolshevik 5th column. For context, GMO technology adulterates the innocence of the seed, Chemtrails adulterate the electrical freshness of the air, Glyphosate adulterates the vibrant sweetness in the soils, Fukushima and Corexit are being used to adulterate the regenerative powers and powers of forgiveness in the oceans, fracking adulterates the groundwater that nourishes all living things. The frauds of the Wall St.-Pentagon complex have produced the Age of Adultery of Everythning, … and let’s not fail to mention that the same Wall St. Pentagon Complex also finances and controls both sides of the medical wars waged against women and children in western hospitals, and both sides of the wars on drugs, and both sides of the wars on terrorism, and both sides of trafficking of children. It is a scale of betrayal and treason that boggles the mind.

    Trotsky established the philosophy of the Wall St.-Pentagon complex in his book titled, In Defence of [state sponsored] Terrorism. (Pentagon computers, i.e. “google,” won’t respond unless you submit the exact and incorrect British spelling.) Sadly the four-star generals who run the military side of the betrayal complex are bedwetters. Who other than a four-star bedwetter would be so afraid of the truth that he would feel a need to lie straight into the face of our representatives in congress?

    With that unfairly brief introduction to the Wall St. Pentagon complex of which Monsanto and WhiteWave are a part, Deborah’s tongue-in-cheek post explains that WhiteWave is going to print up a gigantic smokescreen of paper. In reality, these stock certificates are no more than dots on a computer screen in some hedge fund computer that is hidden deep inside a mountain somewhere. These Class-A fictions are pure fraud. Essentially they are nothing, created from nothing. Their only purpose is a transfer (momentary, ultimately) of wealth and health from the living to the dead. The living includes us humans, try to honor the principles of innocence and evolution as best as we can, as already implanted in us by the seed. We are the cocreators of life and reality. The principle of congruence, similitude and righteousness will forever be within us. The dead are the child-molesting and seed-mutilating whitecoats, and their armies of killer zombies. They live inside a trojan reality of Trotsky’s fake gift to humanity. As Deborah’s post concludes, “We Believe that these strategic moves …” i.e. that WhiteWave’s paper smokescreen of fraud, will causes the masses to believe that the Wall St-Pentagon Complex has fully divested itself of of its intention, which is to wage war against innocence and evolution by its methods of adultery, betrayal and treason. GMOs are a form of warfare more dangerous than actual warfare itself. The proposed machinations of these purported massive paper movements and equally massive debt frauds (bank frauds) create nothing more than an illusion of transfer of control. The war against innocence and evolution will in the end, gang aft a glay.

    GMOs don’t need a Wall St. paper smokescreen. They need to be banned, outright, with confiscation of properties of those involved in production and distribution by LOCAL authorities. Happily all the LOCAL police powers needed are already in place from the war on drugs. The zombies of the Bolshevik 5th column, who wage war against the seed and its principles of innocence and evolution, will, as Deborah’s post concludes, continue to “boost shareholder value and growth opportunities” for the Wall St.-Pengaton Complex.

  4. Deborah says:

    The spin-off of The WhiteWave Foods Co . ( WWAV ) from its parent company, Dean Foods Company ( DF ), reached the final stages as the former filed a secondary offering of its Class A shares with the U.S. Sec authorities on Friday.
    As a part of the offering, 29.9 million of WhiteWave’s Class A shares that are currently held by Dean Foods will be issued to the public, diluting the latter’s stake in the former. Additionally, the offering provides the underwriters an option to buy the remaining 4.5 million Class A shares held by Dean Foods in 30 days.
    Prior to the offering, Dean Foods will exchange some of WhiteWave’s Class A shares with certain underwriters, to relieve of its indebtedness. Following the completion of the offering, the underwriters will be allowed to sell these shares.
    The debt-for-equity offering has been formulated in a manner that makes it eligible for a tax-free transaction. After completion of this transaction, Dean Foods will not have any stake in WhiteWave.
    WhiteWave has appointed J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, BofA Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse Securities LLC, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and Wells Fargo Securities to be joint managers for the offering. Moreover, Credit Agricole CIB and Rabo Securities will be the co-managers.
    Formerly, WhiteWave was a wholly owned subsidiary of Dean Foods. In Oct 2012, in order to relieve debts, Dean Foods decided to separate the Silk soy products and Horizon Organic dairy products subsidiary through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and consequently diluted its 20% stake in WhiteWave.
    Since then, this Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) company has been continuously reducing its stake in WhiteWave. Dean Foods, which competes with Lifeway Foods Inc . ( LWAY ) and Feihe International, Inc . ( ADY ) distributed 47,686,000 Class A shares and 67,914,000 Class B shares of WhiteWave on a pro rata basis last month.
    We believe that these strategic moves will boost the company’s shareholder value and offer growth opportunities for both Dean Foods and WhiteWave.

    Read more:

  5. Christine says:

    Since ALL living things have consciousness, it is up to them to decide how they wish to evolve. It is not up to a lab to impose genetic manipulations upon them (and us).

  6. nedlud says:


    Thanks for your report on Mike Adams and his website and his ‘entrepeneurship’ and your own experience with him.

    The fact that Adams calls himself ‘Health Ranger’ offers a clue as to how he regards himself, ie., as quite knowing, superior, and capable of policing others, although I imagine he thinks of it as ‘guarding’ others. This is the way they operate, the dealers and manipulators who appear friendly and helpful to the unkeen eye. I do not like his method or style at all and never really read anything he has to say. I certainly do not spend any time on his website. Farm Wars is much better as are many others.

    On the other hand, I think Jon Rappoport is one of the most brilliant and benevolent minds on the internet. I go to his blog frequently.

    Thanks again,

  7. bert says:

    GMOs need to be banned. It’s a new form of warfare more dangerous than warfare itself. GMO and glyphosate poisoning is 1,000 to 1,000,000 times more powerful than nuclear poisoning. We ban cocaine and heroin and meth (am whatever it is). If we can ban heroin and cocaine we can ban GMOs … they are millions of times more dangerous. If we can confiscate properties of persons involved in production and distribution of heroin and cocaine, then we can confiscate properties of corporate “farmers” who are involved in GMO production and distribution. Confiscate their 100,000 acre monoculture farms give the cops their 30%, and good food, divide the farms up into 350-500 acre farms, each supporting 3 to 5 families. we can reverse migration, and start populating smaller local economies with producers. Soil fertililty will go up, and food production will go up (by the pound) and nutrient density will skyrocket.

    If we can ban cocaine and heroin, we can ban something far more dangerous. Labeling options (mandatory or voluntary) are NOT as option. Either way, labeling will eventually bankrupt the small independent farmer. Without testing (to verify that the surrounding neighbor farmers using GMOs haven’t contaminated produce from a small independent farmer), even the credibility of local farmers markets will eventually be eroded. You’re smart to spot Jeffrey Smith as suspicious. With either labeling solution, all Monsanto has to do is wait. And thus he barks and quacks for Monsanto.

    Ban GMOs. They are a form of warfare more dangerous than warfare itself. Confiscate the properties of those involved in production and distribution of this form of poisoning far more dangerous and antisocial than heroin and cocaine.

  8. gmo2ashes says:

    @pm – While Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) and his website properties have become a leading voice, his ego and pride and his disdain for the little guy has grown proportionately.

    Adams and his agents now censor those who might question his “wisdom.” I was banned from commenting back when NaturalNews used Facebook for its commenting system – and today I’m currently banned from opposing GMO labeling on his sites – and I have a list of others who are also censored/banned on NaturalNews. One of them was a staff writer who dared to expose the HIV=AIDS scam. I have an email from him expressing his astonishment.

    So much for the ability to express yourself freely on NNews. If this page were on NaturalNews, we would all be banned from even discussing Mike Adams.

    Many herald Adams as a “hero” to the health movement, however, they fail to notice his covert style of injecting disinfo into the dialog. The definition of disinfo is 5-10% deception mixed with truth. This disguises propaganda and slips it into the subconscious mind under the radar of reason. Combine this with the fact Adams is partnered with known shill and disinfo artist Alex Jones, and you have a potentially poor information source leading the public astray.

    If you think labeling foods is the answer over totally eradicating GMOs, you are not awake and you are only helping the biotech industry destroy our food supply. And if you believe Monsanto, with its unlimited resources (including government), plays fairly and doesn’t descend to any and all manner of dirty tricks, then you my friend are gravely naive and misinformed.

  9. And please be careful that you don’t fall for the “compromise is okay, we can coexist” ruse, pm. A lot of good people have been run over by this, and it only serves to keep the GMOs a comin’ and polluting the planet.

  10. pm says:

    Well, all I have to say is be careful that you don’t fall for the divide and conquer ruse. Sometimes this scrutiny can go too far wherein good people become lynched and movements destroyed by internecine paranoia.

    I can’t dispute your research about the money trails, but I still believe that much more evidence is required for me to believe that the like of Smith, Mercola and Adams are compromised beyond an entrepreneurial desire to sell their own products (which are all at least non gmo). Their words, educational efforts, and activism regarding GMOs has been beyond reproach in my personal view. I believe you are misinterpreting Smith’s position on Genetic research. All he is saying is that he has no anti-science bias or prejudices, not that he agrees with the bogus corp. funded research. The Monsanto people want to make us out to be capricious antediluvian luddites; and Smith’s rejoinder is that on the contrary we should let the proper independent scientific research be the judge of GMO safety. What have we to worry about if that is done with full public disclosure? This is what he advocates.

  11. nedlud says:

    Great post Barbara.

    People should realize what happened to Seed Saver’s. And to the whole organic movement as it originally appeared in true grassroots form, as early as the 1960’s or even ’50’s.

    Seed Saver’s has been lost (it is no longer grassroots, it is thoroughly controlled and completely owned and administered by wealthy GREEDY bastards and tycoons, in cahoots with BIGGER, even wealthier bastards and tycoons), and ‘certified organic’ is a complete and total fraud and mind manipulation. Absolute lying fradulent bullshit, owned and administered by WEALTH, POWER AND GREED.

    Everything original and pure, as soon as it shows some signs of ‘success’ (people support) attracts the interest of the these wealthy perverts and then becomes a product name with product labels and thus everything becomes controlled by BIG MONEY, ie., government and corporate industry and is lost to the people and their control. This is the way the world works today, everything is coveted by big industry and concentrated, centralized power.

    You cannot compromise or work with these devils, you have to keep them out. This is extremely difficult, because they constantly present themselves to you (the sleeping trusting public) as GOOD, as beneficial and helpful. They are NOT.

    Absolutely they are not and so you have Mike Adams and Mercola and whomever, becoming a part of this perversion. Soon they are speaking with forked tongues too, if ever they were honest and true.

    GREED is a disease.


  12. gmo2ashes says:

    @ Barbara – the way I see it, you can’t afford NOT to buy higher priced organics (or grow your own). Have you priced cancer lately? Once you calculate the costs of disease and lost wages due to illness, eating organic is a no-brainer.

    One can only wonder who or which “health advocates” are taking money now from the biotechs. Mike Adams, Dr. Mercola and even Jeffrey Smith who I used to greatly admire – are all now staunch supporters of GMO labeling initiatives.

    Labeling is exactly what Monsanto and the other monsters want. Labeling GMOs will give the bio-techs license to proceed with impunity – until the food supply is damaged beyond repair.

    GMOs cross pollinate with natural species; it is impossible to contain them. If this is allowed to continue, eventually the entire food chain will be contaminated.

    The bio-tech companies themselves are the driving force behind these very labeling initiatives. It’s a mind game. They are herding the public toward their agenda by convincing you labeling is a good thing.

    The ONLY solution is to ban GMOs entirely and burn the remaining crops in the field.

    Either we stand up and fight these invaders who intend to kill us all, or we will die begging for our lives. The question is: do Americans have the mind, the guts and the means to defend themselves against this overwhelming enemy?

  13. gmo2ashes – Exactly! I was just talking to someone tonight who is concerned about GMOs but has to get what is on sale because they cannot afford to be choosey. Even if the stuff is labelled, they will not be able to afford higher priced organic. They grow some of their own food but have to buy stuff from the store to get by. If it is banned, they at least won’t have to worry about eating them, labelled or not.

  14. pm – And why the boycott of Silk then? Remember this piece from Mike Adams?

    “Effective immediately, NaturalNews is issuing a global boycott on the following brands:

    • Kashi (owned by Kellogg, which has contributed $612,000 to defeat Proposition 37) – Kashi cereals contain GMOs!

    • Silk soymilk (owned by the nation’s largest dairy, Dean Foods, which has contributed $253,000 to the effort to kill Proposition 37)…”

    Oh, I get it. It’s all right if Jeff takes money from Silk for advertising, but everyone else is supposed to boycott them…

    Why do they get away with this hypocrisy? Because we let them. We excuse their actions and go along with the game and become part of the deception. We support them with our money, do what they say and don’t ask too many questions. We rationalize the behavior so that it seems okay, and they laugh all the way to the bank.

  15. gmo2ashes says:

    Yes indeed – good questions. As it comes down to the wire, you’ll be able to read between the lines of those who would cunningly deceive the public into thinking GMOs can co-exist alongside natural varieties, or that the technology is “great.”

    Throughout the so-called “food-freedom movement” we see high profile individuals shilling for labeling initiatives. And it seems there is much evidence that shows GMO labeling campaigns are organized, financed and controlled by Monsanto and other biotechs.

    Have a look at these links:



    And here’s a classic from the website of labeling advocate Mike Adams at NaturalNews:

    Remember aspartame? It’s a neurotoxin – it’s in food ingredients – it’s labled – yet the public has been convinced it’s safe to injest – it’s in everything. Labeling GMOs won’t do a thing to stop the assault on our food supply.

    The fate of humanity is now in the hands of ordinary people fighting for their lives. Labeling GMOs would only postpone our inevitable demise. Without direct, decisive and defensive action to rid the planet of the GMO menace by every means possible, the human species faces possible extinction.

    I’m with you Barbara – and I’m glad to see your taking a stronger stance against GMOs in favor of an all-out total ban on them. It’s the only way to be sure.

  16. pm says:

    Yes, why would silk support a shopping guide that educates people about gmo foods and undermines the sales of gmo products?

    I don’t see controlled opposition here. The links to Monsanto may exist remotely but I see no evidence that they control the content of the food guide. All Silk is doing is contributing money. Monsanto would never do that gratuitously with no strings attached. So I think its a little early to sound the warning sirens.

  17. Please do, suss. Will be very interesting in hearing this. Who is the speaker? Howard Vlieger?

  18. suss says:

    You see this again and again: controlling opposition you merely need to leed it! Peaople start out doing the right thing and then either get compromised or get misled, w/ him its hard to say. There are a couple of other large outfits that take money from the “Dark” side too same thing there! Put it this way they will contaminate every damn seed on this planet when its all said and done when this is accomplished its hard to say but I predict at this rate pretty damn quick!!!! I’m going to see a anti gmo speaker tonight locally I will report back what happens and how many people come.