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…We live in country where the air is not fit to breathe, the food is not fit to eat and our water is poisoned. Indeed these globalists bankers have poisoned our food with cancer causing and unlabeled GMO’s. They have put IQ lowering and cancer causing fluoride into our water. We breathe aluminum and barium falling to earth from the chemtrails as our cancer and Alzheimer rates are exploding.  We have hundreds of thousands of Americans die each year at the hand of their doctor’s malpractice or the pharmaceutical companies.America has the 51st longest lifespan on the planet because of this deliberate assault upon the American people.  Who is going to save us? Mexico, Bolivia, Germany or Somalia? Who will cry for and save America from these tyrants? Then why are our psychopathic leaders claiming the moral high ground and preparing to murder millions and for what, the Petrodollar?

…The world is ready to be plunged into a struggle like none other the people of this planet has ever seen. Millions, if not billions, will die unnecessary deaths and modern civilization will be brought to its knees as a result of the lunatics who run this planet. And why will this happen? Our people and our way of life will perish in order to satisfy the greed and lust for power by a few morally deprived persons on Wall Street.

…I am calling for the military leaders of this country to stand down and not execute this illegal war. Waging war on Syria is indeed illegal. Obama’s orders delivered through the UN and NATO are illegal and unconstitutional.  Be an Oathkeeper and stand down.

America needs a two pronged attack against the globalists. First we need to directly oppose their tyrannical policies with firm and uncompromising civil disobedience. Secondly, we need to prepare for the worst. We could be in a full scale global conflict by September. Therefore, we would be fools if we did not prepare. The following represents the combination of defiance and preparation. READ MORE…

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One Response to “It Is Time for the American People to Man Up”

  1. Abe says:

    There are several ELE’s (Extinction Level Events) coming down the Pike! One is the False Flag attack by Al-CIA-duh (CIA and other foriegn and domestic alphabit agencies) in Syria, and the other is Fukishima.
    There are 3 reactors in meltdown, and one has a MOX fuel, which is a Mixed OXide. This means it has fuel rods made with uranium and Plutonium. 300 tons a day of this crap is going into the ocean.
    I have a 1963 radiation test kit and have been getting an average of .5 Roentgens an Hour for a dose. That’s 12 R/Hrs a day and since 3/11/11 (902 days ago) would give a Total Dose of Alpha & Beta Particles at 10824. The booklet says from .5 R/hr – 2 R/hours you should limit your time out doors. I’m in South central Minnesota. If you must have seafood, look at Hudson Bay! Also another thing is since Fukishima, Thyroid problems in kids have risen 40%!!

    If those rats in DC and the media really gave a rats ass about our safety they’d be reporting it, and preparing us for this!!
    Yes they really are trying to kill us just like the Georgia Guidestones say. Get and maintain the global population a 1/2 billion!! All the other points on the stone most sane people would agree with! Time to buck up and put the thumb screws on those Powers That Be!