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Farm Wars

Face it. We don’t want GMOs (genetically modified organisms). I don’t want ‘em, and you don’t want ‘em, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. But most of us get discouraged because the onslaught is overwhelming, and we feel that there is little we can do personally to stop it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is something we can do. And it is very effective, and has the ability to rid us of the GMO scourge.

Each of us has to make the decision that we will do at least one thing… eliminate one GMO thing from our lives. That’s it. Just do it. Pick something. Like corn, for instance…

corn stock price

 “A year ago, corn sold for around $8.30 a bushel. Last Friday it closed at $4.65 a bushel and is trading down about 5% this morning at around $4.63 a bushel.”

This is all about using the system against itself to get rid of GMOs by driving down demand through our individual purchasing actions. Yes, it seems that we can use the stock market to rid ourselves of the majority of GMOs currently being produced and sold, but it will take personal action from each and every one of us.

Here’s an example:

Price of corn goes down due to lack of demand for ethanol because people simply stopped driving as much:

“Ethanol production, which takes about 40% of the U.S. corn crop, has hit a plateau where U.S. fuel consumption is falling as people drive less, pushing down demand for ethanol, and ultimately corn.”

If farmers cannot make any money selling GMO corn, which is mainly used for ethanol, due to lack of demand, then they will stop growing it.

And that is just one use. If we simply stop using the stuff and stop spending our money on it, demand plummets, causing the market to eject the product and farmers to stop growing GMOs.

There is hope, and it lies within us. It lies in our everyday decisions, and one small decision made consistently, can make a difference. We just have to stand our ground and not get sucked in by those who would benefit by keeping us ignorant of the power that exists in those decisions. The most feared thing in a power broker’s world is the freedom of the individual to make an informed choice. Our choices can and do change the world. Make yours count.

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10 Responses to “Ending the GMO Scourge”

  1. Goldbug36 says:

    As they say, everything in a box or bag contains GMOs .. if it’s processed, it contains GMOs. So, we have to prepare our foods from scratch and buy from farmers markets who will certify that their produce is non-GMO. I order items online that carry the “Certified non-GMO Project” label. I grow produce in my back yard and can things for the winter months. Yes, it is hard work. I’m 77 years of age .. if I can do it, you can do it. The only way to send these greedy agri-giant corporations a message is to quit buying their wares.

  2. Kevin says:

    If each one of us were offered cups of liquid to drink but the contents were undisclosed, who would readily gulp down? No one would be so foolhearty. But we walk down grocery store aisles pulling down items and throwing them into our carts without any care for their efficacy or nutritional value, trusting that anyone who prepares consumable items would take the care that this product will DO NO HARM to our bodies. We need to become ‘Defensive Consumers’, just like defensive driving. If you cannot pronounce the contents of the package you’re willing to feed your family, chances are it’s not good for you. I must admit, for many years, I trusted that the food that was offered to me would not harm me. But I have re-educated myself to the truth. We are being fed poison, and are just fodder for the Medical-Big Pharma-Insurance cabal.

  3. Abe says:

    Maureen, don’t forget Monsanto’s Ethoxiquin that had been killing our pets for 30 years.

    There was a big push against this in the 90’s that I was a part of!
    By the corn price it seems to me people, or as the bought and paid for and presstitutes would say “Consumers”, are already voting with there back pocket. People need to definetely do there homework for every and anything these days!

    Then you have the presstitutes hitting us with garbage stories every day to boot! Like this story below from last nights local news. It concludes that “We the Worthless Consumers” with the help of Lowe’s and Home Depot are exterminating the honey bee. Notice the key word in the title is COULD!! About the only real part of this story is Neonicotinoids kill bees. Words like Could, Might, Possibly, etc are all parts of the news these days.
    Like hot air from the media and polliticians could be responsible for global warming.

    Home Gardeners’ New Plants Could Be Killing Off Bees

    Thank God we have people like Barb, Mike, Jeffrey, and thousands of others giving us real valuable information to live our lives by!! These days it’s easy to tell who the seekers are from the MSM Zombies! It’s good to see the Choir is getting larger these days!

  4. Barb T. says:

    Corn products from Mexico are not GMO as far as as I know. Since I get the itches when I eat GMO I know what to avoid. I get the tostados at the regular grocery store. They can be broken into chips for things like guacamole or spread with beans, tomatoes and veggies for use as tostados. The Mexican people are passionate about their corn. Some Mexican restaurants get their corn products direct from Mexico and I believe those are not GMO.

  5. pm says:

    I’m completely gmo free because I know that boycotting their products and reducing/eliminating their profits is the only moral argument that business people will take seriously.

  6. Kristi Speed says:

    You CAN find prepared foods which are GMO free, usually at the health food store. You just have to do your home work.

  7. I eat cereal, and I make it myself with non-GMO ingredients. I also read every label of every item that I buy if it is in any way processed. Yeah, it takes some time, thought, and care, but it’s worth it. We need to get mad and dig in, not give up because we are surrounded. They are not as strong as they think they are. Each of us is accountable for our decisions. We either fight the beast or join it, as there is no middle ground.

  8. maureen hayes says:

    I’m sorry to be a Negative Nancy, but if your son eats cereal, he’s eating GMO’s. In fact, unfortunately, virtually anything that has been processed has some GMO’s in it. Consider that 70% of the soy products and 90% of corn products are GMO. High fructose corn syrup is GMO. Now they call it “Corn Sugar”. GMO sugar beets are passed off as “Sugar”!
    Please, everyone, you need to do independent research. Don’t ever listen to “Main Stream Media”; it’s all propaganda. The media is owned by Monsanto and like companies.
    Also, remember Agent Orange, PCB’s and deadly Dioxin? Thank Monsanto for that.

  9. Kristi Speed says:

    The power of the individual consumer is HUGE, people usually have no idea how mighty they are. I shared what I learned about GMO’s with my son and now, at 15, he refuses to consume them. His utter devotion to right over wrong is the biggest motivator I have ever known.