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Changing Course for Life

If we are strictly honest with ourselves we can see that, despite our rantings and ravings against the ever more stark injustices dished out by the status quo, it is we who provide it with the fuel that keeps us repressed and in servitude. It is we who are complicit in allowing the merchants of darkness to suck from us the energy they require in order to keep manifesting their war games as the central plank of day to day life on this planet.

Before you deny this, read on… I am going to show you how each one of us is ensuring the survival of the corrupted banking system; the skewed taxation model; the globalized corporate food regime;  agrichemical dependent food production; our centralized power supply – and the machinations of war. There are plenty more of course e.g. pharmaceuticals, communication systems and government itself – the list goes on and on – but this should do to get things going.

bag of moneyBanking: If you still have any money deposited in the main stream banking system, that money is being invested into whatever commercial, military or government scheme offers the best returns to the bank with some of the interest residue coming on to you. So unless it’s an ‘ethical bank’ with strict rules that disallow investment into the instruments of ecocide and war, you can be sure that at any time, your money will be funnelled-off into the weapons trade; nuclear power production plants; R&D into the genetic modification of the food chain; big pharma medicines; mass highway construction; large scale fossil fuel extraction as well as directly into the pockets of the banks themselves!

In fact, we now know that institutions like the International Monetary Fund, The Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the European Central Bank, lend/loan (electronic) money to other nations then collect the interest owing on these loans from respective national governments that acquire this revenue by taxing their work force/citizens. In effect, we are thus paying our taxes straight into the coffers of the vast banking institutions whose objective it is to stage a total take-over of the planet. So you see, it is ‘we the people’ who make it possible for the banking system to continue its nefarious destruction of our fragile planet.

Taxation of DividendsTaxation: Man, this is a tough one but it’s right at the hub of the problem. Here we are, cursing the fact that we have to kiss goodbye to around two to three months worth of our annual incomes every year. But do we stop to consider where our money goes? If we did we would be shocked to find out that in all likely-hood it goes straight to the corporate bankster cartel who is masterminding the centralized regulatory power package which is close to driving us ‘bona fide’ humans off the face of this planet.

It’s not even going into the necessary maintenance of the basic infrastructure. That is being done by a mix of private businesses and big consortiums answering to the new ‘owners’ of various strands of the infrastructural web – be it the railways, water or roads. No, our money is going into the   bulging pockets of those, who in turn, use it to influence governments to push through policies that directly benefit their hegemonic goals. Not only this, but also to ensure the maintenance of banking tax havens, mass laundering and stashing of vast hoards of our money for whatever luxury life styles grinning chief executives might fancy for themselves.

So, unless and until we start refusing to pay such taxes – or any one element of them – we are quite simply turning a blind eye on our government’s collusion with the banking despots. We are quite literally funding that which we are most opposed to.

shoppingNext up: the supermarket. Dazzled by the illusion of ‘choice’ millions of really quite intelligent individuals make their weekly pilgrimage to their nearest supermarket/hypermarket; yet this institution is the single most culpable commercial tool for the global destruction of our natural environment and essential foods.


Because in the relentless drive for higher profits, supermarkets force farmers into producing food at the absolute lowest possible costs. By demanding large volumes of regimentally uniform produce with no blemishes or non standard shapes, the supermarket chiefs force farmers into slavery to agrichemical corporations, genetic engineering monsters and vast machinery conglomerates that pretty much guarantee the mass produced conformity that is demanded by the big chain stores. Even organic farms fall fowl of this regime (but without the use of agrichemicals and pesticides) once they commit to supply supermarket chains.

factory farmingOur Food: the technical and financial methodology involved in mass produced food production has ensured that vast swathes of this planet have been reduced to sterile, chemical dependent monocultures where edible plants only grow because of the increasingly large doses of synthetic nitrogen which are applied to what remains of the soils in which they are planted. Weakened by excessive hybridisation, plants and seeds are prevented from succumbing to diseases by the application of millions of litres of synthetic pesticides and fungicides that destroy the living microbiology of the soil, and by so doing, set off a chain of destruction which reaches all the way up the food chain to we human beings.

The animal kingdom is directly caught-up in the maelstrom. Cattle, pig and chicken concentration camps supply 90% of all meat, eggs and milk in the West. Their feed comprises mostly GM soya and maize. Here animals are routinely stressed beyond any kind of acceptable humane standards and antibiotics are used routinely to stave off early disease and death.

That, my friends, is the end result of giving your custom to the supermarket. By worshipping at the golden calf of globalized commercial ‘convenience’ you are culpable of laying waste to the natural genetic diversity of the planet, the lives of millions of farm animals and of once proud  independent farmers, as well as the foundations of your own physical health. You are quite literally sawing further into the branch you are sitting on each time you present your plastic card to the cashier at the supermarket till.  And, as with all our actions, they have their effect all the way back down the chain.

Only by withdrawing our support from the killing fields can we bring about an end to the killing. No withdrawal equals no change. Shop in local independent stores that stock environmentally friendly local and regional foods. Go to farmers’ markets. Get hooked onto a ‘box scheme’. Go direct to the grower. Do whatever you need to do to support those who deserve your custom and not those who don’t. Best of all – grow your own!

energy-symbols-hiPower supplies: your energy supplier relies upon you paying your quarterly bill. While you may, in your deeper self, feel distinctly ill at ease paying for electricity being generated by uranium, oil and gas extraction methods that are mostly grossly polluting and reliant upon vast corporate investments whose financial returns come in billion dollar profits, it’s still not enough to make most people stop to consider the alternatives.

Water, unfortunately, comes under the same category, as most water companies in the West are now privatized. The owner of my water supplier in the UK is currently an Australian outfit. Even when Big Green ‘solutions’ are found, they remain mostly in the hands of irresponsible corporations headed by faceless profiteers.

We cannot go on giving away our money to these charlatans and retain a clear conscience once we know what is going on. We must find a way to cease our largely mindless bill paying and support for that which is at fundamental odds with a rejuvinative and caring approach to life. Here we can follow the same ethos as that suggested for food: look for human scale, responsible renewable energy producers and/or use local wood sources to fuel your boiler and cooker.

warLastly, war: The war in Afghanistan, alone, has already cost British tax payers 37 billion pounds – 2,000 pounds for every UK household. God knows what US tax payers have forked-out. When will we realize that, once again, it is we who footed this bill? How much did we contribute to the bloody dislocation of limbs, emaciated corpses and new born children sickened and laid low by a blitz of uranium depleted shells that rained down indiscriminately on everyone deemed to be a potential ‘security threat?’ A threat to the security of whom? Those whom we pay to decide the fate of others?

Too shocking to contemplate, isn’t it. Yet it is we who pay for the politicians who murder the children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters “by mistake” while sitting back in their leather upholstered chairs of State, wearing the masque of assumed gravity so as to fool the public into perceiving just how deeply they feel the weight of their decisions.

So it is that we are faced by a profoundly meaningful challenge – our greatest challenge of this moment: rise-up together in acts of deliberate humanitarian non-compliance or live with the daily realisation that we are knowingly contributing to the continuation of the dark side’s apocalyptic agenda.

It would no doubt seem too daunting, at least for most, to withdraw our support, in one go, from all aspects of the strategically mined highway which we are being led down. But each one of us can tackle at least one or two of the issues I have raised here. That will already contribute to initiating a major expression of ‘people power’ in action!  Then, if a bunch of us got together and decided to withhold say 20% of our taxes as a statement of refusal to contribute to the ever threatening war machine we could be at the forefront of a really significant strike for freedom, truth and justice.

JOINUS‘We the people’ are coming of age. We recognize that actions speak louder than words and that actions are an indispensable prerequisite to the change we long for. I, for one, cannot live the lie once having tasted the truth. Acting on one’s own is a lonely path to tread, and one that carries a minimum chance of success. But acting together is joyous, life affirming and infectious. This gives it an especially good chance of real success. That, dear brothers and sisters, is what we came here to do.

So, shall we be joined together in changing the course of this World? Or will we allow cynicism, laziness and fear to stand in the way of taking control of our destinies and the greater destiny of our planet?

Julian is an early pioneer of  UK organic farming, an international activist and writer:

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14 Responses to “Our Greatest Challenge – Asserting the Power of Non Compliance”


    Please read the above letter and share with any and all in your contacts. As difficult, and what seems like an impossible task, bringing accountability to those in power, we are here. And we will no relent.

  2. Yankee says:

    Great article! We need to think about every cent we spend, who it will ultimately go to and what it will be spent on. Just putting our money only where we want it to go, insofar as we can, would rearrange the military-industrial-banking-political power structure greatly in our favor. People are busy, but if we don’t take the time and expend the effort to think about what we routinely spend and whether we should, the present situation will continue to escalate until we’re all starving peons and the elite live — and rule — like feudal lords over us.

  3. I think you are confusing “Jew” with “Zionist,” Brenda. Two different things. There are also two different “Zionists.” Most people don’t know the difference, and lump everyone into one big box. Since this is not the topic of the post, if you would like more info, please email me. Thank you!

  4. Brenda says:

    Barbara, I read the other day the Rothschilds International bankers are worth an estimated 500 trillion. More than half the world’s wealth. This is what I’m talking about. We could say the Jews control Hollywood and they even say they do and brag. THEY say Putin is going to bring Russia back, but he’ll do what the bankers want and nothing less.

  5. I sense anger and frustration for which is not such a bad thing. I too used to have the same tone. However, the energy expended was counter productive. I still harbor contempt against the powers that were, and I have and continue to learn how to channel the energy to expose the truth. Certainly a difficult and dangerous mission but we must not relent.

  6. Hi Brenda,

    Not all bankers were or are Jewish, just as not all taco salesman are Mexican, or all Christians child molesters. Please do not lump “Jews” into one box. There is way too much of that going on, and I won’t get involved in any of it. Peaceful non-compliance is the way to go, IMO ;)

  7. Brenda says:

    You can hope for a bright future. I’m sure the Russians in 1917 did and just 70 years later they got it. The thing is you got these trillionares. They have been financing all these wars and we didn’t stop any of them. Now they are poisoning us. It is a different agenda when you are talking about getting rid of 6 billion people. It’s strange how violent the white race could be in the Civil War and the world wars, but we can’t become violent against our own government. These wars they voted for were Jwish banker wars and our politicians know this. But you talk of violence against the government you act like it is a government by and for the people. Which it clearly is not. Yu could say it is a rogue government. That we can’t stop by voting or writing letters or protesting. Cops like the excitement and overtime pay during protests. I’d like to see Cops be bored. Nobody do anything and they quit their job in droves.

  8. Brenda says:

    There is one problem. The same bunch have been financing wars for over a hundred years. The destruction of this country started December 23,1913 and right after that WWI started. Now they have a death grip on us and know we are having to fight for our survival. Some people think we can actually do it without violence. We are heading into the most violent times we have ever seen. We have learned all the tricks of the elite. When they want to silence someone they’ll bomb an airliner kill hundreds. They’ll start wars killing millions. Now they have a plan to kill billions and some people actually think we can do this by just informing others. Like maybe only about 10 million know now and if we in form 10 million more it will turn the tide. If people were to not actually know what the future holds, but just faced reality. They would realize things look bad for us. I think if people wanted to lay it safe they would leave the country.
    How many Eastern Europeans wish they had left before the revolution that killed 100 million? How many were given a chance when the Germans came through and pushed the Communists all the way to Moscow? You seize the moment and grab it by the horns. If Communism is going to rear it’s ugly head you don’t want to be sitting in a FEMA camp wishing you had left. The elite will decide when to escalate the agenda. We have no control. The militias are only talking about waiting for them to come to their homes to take the guns and that is admitting they really have no ln

  9. Brian of the family - Cantley :) says:

    Howdy, couldn’t have said it better myself Mr. Julian R. Thanks for such a clear expression of a wonderfully ethical point of view. I’m doing divestment – off the grid, well water, growing food, no taxes, etc. Peaceful non-compliance program in full force here.

  10. Terri says:

    This article is wonderful.
    Where are the people? I get that. I’m also wondering who will start our revolution.

    I do not understand how humans are still dying in wars or:
    from no food or water, or why we still continue to kill other creatures/humans we feel superior in some manner over, or how we can place everything precious to us, into the hands of complete strangers, who we know, lies to us.

    I admire Egypt so much. Everyone wanted a new direction, millions of people. Where are WE?

    WE are still supporting the most despicable fools in history. We Americans, are still supporting, thereby condoning, by inaction, all the fools follies for decades which will culminate our death in the end.

    Facinating time we live in, all so very hard to believe. So I pray for those who are too scared of the truth(s)and are closed off and happy to stay oblivious. It is what they know and their comfort zone, they fear & dislike CHANGE. News Flash!

    CHANGE is already here. Why not participate!
    Wonderful article! I am saving for sure!

  11. Barbara T. says:

    A wonderful article by Julian Rose! The problems are so enormous and so intertwined that it is almost impossible to face them all at once for the average person. Most people simply cannot grasp the truth of it. Not to say that it is hopeless but much must happen before glimmers of real hope radiate outward.
    More and more people are becoming aware and it’s a start. Resolving the GMO food problem in the US would be a big step toward getting the darkness out of our food with the subsequent dumbing down and sickening of our population. Europe is far ahead of us with the labeling of GMO food. We must work on labeling.

  12. Brenda, I beg to differ. The government IS the corporation. They will stop. All empires fall, history is repeating itself. And we have an incredible opportunity to create a new beginning. As difficult and all consuming this adventure is, I feel blessed to use my voice and actions in playing my part in not only resisting and withdrawing from the illusion of self governance, but also in building a paradigm for the future!

  13. Bravo, Bravo…Well said. And as always, the question I have, where are the masses? The evidence is crystal clear, what more do they, you , us, need to say “enough”? I like the logo on this page “think Globally, act locally”. At first I was trying to save the world, and then I realized one needs to clean up there own back yard first. Like the saying goes, charity begins at home. And so I am taking on the corrupt court system. It seems that is where my niche is. Amazing when conducting research and investigation what one uncovers. What we think it our remedy at law is nothing but an illusion. The courts and the actors in them, are all part of the corporation. They have DUNS numbers. Go ahead and look up your own city, county or state. Dun & Bradstreet. State of AZ, AZ state Bar and Pinal county are all listed with their own DUNS number, which means they are registered as a corporation. WE THE PEOPLE, do not have a contract with these imposters! Our contract is with our respective states. And the contract is the Constitution. Did you ever wonder why, when you try to express violation of your constitutional rights in a court room, why you are ignored? It is because they have manipulated the procedure for remedy at law. Statute after statute, with more being enacted everyday. These laws are mans law. We are accountable to God’s Law, Natures law, the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND! And so I continue to expose this through various methods. I don’t know where the masses are? Frankly, i don’t care. I will continue to do what I know is right. I have a duty and obligation because the truth has been revealed to me. I would be irresponsible and cowardly should i pull the covers over my head, bury my head in the sand. It is a lonely place to be and with articles such as this one, Julian, hopefully the conversation will start, followed by the ACTION!!

  14. Brenda says:

    You could figure out if the government along with corporations were to stop no they would have too many questions to answer it might be lawsuit city. So they aren’t going to stop with their plan just because more and more learn what thy are up to