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Cheese is Chalk If Fluoride is Fluoride Says Hamilton Oncologist

In the USA, it costs fertilizer companies $4000-$7000, per tanker truck, to dispose of fluorosilicic acid, which is considered a toxic pollutant by the environmental protection agency (EPA) . It cannot be legally dumped in any natural water supply, yet is being added to drinking water.

Hamilton Oncologist Dr Anna Goodwin says, “I was shocked to learn that, in the absence of any human studies to prove its safety or efficacy, the fertilizer industry held hands with government agencies (in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand) and fluorosilicic acid was deemed an “acceptable and equivalent” fluoride source, decades ago, completely without any real evidence for this assertion.

“Industry and government holding hands, (of course “for the good of the poor and disadvantaged”-always the way). Its a beautiful thing. There is actually no “science” whatsoever to justify the dispersal of industrial waste in our drinking water. Telling us “its good for our teeth” is pure hubris. READ MORE…

Listen as Dr. Anna Goodwin speaks out about water fluoridation.

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9 Responses to “Dr. Anna Goodwin speaks out about water fluoridation”

  1. Great work, Abe! Local is the way to go.

  2. Abe says:

    I got this response from my state legislator today.

    I need to do more research on fluoride. But so you know, I’m inclined to work on this. Ernie

    I like Ernie and know he shares the same concerns as I do. The best effect we can have on laws is by getting involved with our local law makers. This is the best way we have in making any kind of changes to our way of life that others have forced upon us.
    I know there’s hope in Minnesota! Time to get off our arses people and make it happen!!
    The squeekiest wheel gets the oil!!

  3. Abe says:

    I asked a friend of mine the other day if Stalin and Hitler put fluoride in the water because they cared for there prisoners teeth, or did the USA put in in our water to keep us dumbed downed and docile? I got the same mumbo jumbo answer I got when we were arguing pasturization of milk, and asked if he had his wifes brest milk pasturized.
    I hadn’t heard about fluoride even on the table in Minnesota. I’m going to check it out and if so try to get my Rep to sponsor this.

  4. Reid Adamson says:

    Until you are able to rid your city’s water supply of fluoridation, get yourself a water purification system that removes fluoride.

    My personal favorite:


    Inexpensive, easy to use, minimal maintenance needed, the Berkey systems produce the cleanest testing and best tasting water I’ve ever had! Sorry Grandma, my Berkey filtered water tastes better than your well water!

  5. Goldbug36 says:

    This is fascism at work. Mega-corporations and Big-Agra run this country. Our Congress and courts are filled with idiots who are so busy feathering their nests through insider trading, they have no time to worry about the ongoing “culling” of their unfortunate constituents.

  6. deanna munson says:

    here in beaverton oregon its still fluoridated,and heavily chlorinated,and is now recycled groundwater to begin with thanks to an EPA “sustainability grant”.they claim since its not the above type its ok because its not industrial waste.its sodium fluoride,the first ingredient in rat poison and the active ingredient in sarin gas.lovely ,eh?

  7. Stephen Pavich says:

    The city of Portland just recently beat down fluoridation in their water. It was amazing how the mayor of Portland who is very liberal was using the same old story of helping the poor to prevent cavities. I guess even the Liberals are stupid sometimes. At least the smart lliberals in Portland did wake up.
    Wake Up America!

  8. Tyranny says:

    No Fluoride Minnesota! Takes Off! Update! SF 1668 1.1A bill for an act
    1.2relating to health; repealing law relating to fluoridation of municipal water;
    1.3repealing Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 144.145; Minnesota Rules, part

    1.6 Section 1. REPEALER.
    1.7Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 144.145, and Minnesota Rules, part 4720.0030, are
    1.8repealed. We Need A Sponsor In The House. Please help spread the word and educate your friends and family and the legislature.

  9. Brenda says:

    All these professionals are telling us the truth and sooner or later people with primitive tools are going to have to decide do we do something or just ignore the facts. The government is watching how we react to this stuff and they will be the ones to make the move to commit another attack and declare martial law. The government will decide when to escalate the force against us.