“Journalists and political partisans have expressed the mistaken presumption that government is a “balancing force” against the excess powers of corporations. This video explains that most excess power of corporations is provided and granted by government and that government seeks partnership with corporations and shares in the profits. This “public-private partnership” is so advanced that the public interest is no longer a primary concern of government. Government is now a for-profit operation serving itself at the expense of the public interest.

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5 Responses to “Government Will Not Save You From Corporations”

  1. pm says:

    This makes you wonder about the republican & libertarian mantra that government should be run like a business. Apparently they believe that letting greedy, hedonistic sociopaths who care only for profit and acquisition of monopoly power govern us is a better idea. Look at what privatization and the unfettered profit model has already done to the food industry(gmo ), medical care (toxic drugs for symptoms only), banking (usury), wall street (derivatives, rigged high spoof trading), prisons (lobby for more criminal jailable offenses and longer terms), ect..

    Government isn’t inherently evil or the problem as our anarchist friend suggests. It’s who controls the government. The Federal Reserve system controls our govt, and all govts throughout the world, via unrepayable debt caused by usury, interest on money/credit created ex nihlo. We need to take back the Fed and use it for the good of the people. It will never happen all at once, but the Warren-Tierny Bank on Students Act S.897, affords a once in a life time opportunity to make a incremental step in this direction. This Bill if passed will force the Fed to issue .075% interest rate on student Stafford loans, the same rate only offered to insolvent zombie banks. Ultimately, we want this zero interest for all loans and an end to usury. There is no downside to this as it neither costs Fed anything nor the taxpayer as it is an offbudget disbursement. Pols on left think 3.8% and right 6.8% is a better deal for you, only because they don’t wish to displease their banker overlords.

    For more programmatic activism regarding this issue and others such as a 1% wallstreet sales tax( they pay nothing) to fund entitlements, eliminate Nat’l debt, and bring transparency to wall street corruption (derivatives) see http://againstausterity.org/ http://tarpley.net/

  2. Irene says:

    If you have a house full of monkeys throwing poop there is an agvantage in making them sleepy , perhaps slipping some floride in the water or a mickey in the dinner . Also a remote camera watching them might alert one to trouble before the poop sticks .

  3. Ken says:

    This video hit the nail squarely on the head as all of Jack’s videos and commentaries do. It’s really simple to figure out how to take this country back but almost impossible to fix unless we do exactly as Brenda suggest…come together as a nation. We, the American people it seems will never learn that the Founders put two and six-year election terms in place for the House and Senate members for a reason. Without getting into the heinous 17th amendment ratified in April of 1913 (the same year the bankers plotted and had passed the unconstitutional income tax that was really never properly ratified), the purpose of these re-election terms was to “drain the swamp” from term to term. Historically it has been multiple term incumbents who have had the time to form the seditious relationships and hatch the plots that has lead to such monumental corruption as we have today. That pattern will continue and gradually get worse as the corruption spreads and corruption becomes the “new norm” as indeed it has today. “Citizens be damned”…there is money to be stolen and long term lucrative deals to be hatched and hammered out with their corporate pay pimps. If citizens would watch the vote record of any newly elect House or Senate member for just one term it would be very easy to see vote record shifts from what was promised when they were first elected. Why? Because congress is an acid bath of corruption at it’s best and any person with few accept ions is going to give way to at least some corruption almost immediately without fail. By the end of the their first term there are usually very clear vote record patterns that show this, especially in the six year terms of Senators. Take Senator Rubio for example. Prior to his election he solemnly vowed never to vote in favor of any immigration bill that did not secure our borders first. Well, that was short lived since he was one of the “mob of 8” secretly meeting behind closed doors to do the bidding of his globalist handlers in direct contrast to what he has pledged many many times as “candidate Rubio”. He is just one obvious example that applies to every single last one of them in both the House and the Senate. Therefore, we have no one to blame but our selves. “Experienced” politicians equate to “Experienced” thieves, they are no more needed than an “Experienced” used car salesman and that is one lesson we had all better focus on and learn very well. Fresh new blood and ideas are needed every term, every time to break the growth of treasonous beginnings and blooming sedition. Elections terms do indeed serve a very profound purpose and are indeed for very good reasons. We either take out the trash each and every term or the trash will take over our home, and it has, and it’s that simple.

  4. Barbara T. says:

    Brenda I am in total agreement. Why else would the government be building a huge information center to monitor every citizen unless they had plans to round up the “dissenters” one day in the future. Government integrity is just not there any more, just a lot of empty rhetoric.

  5. Brenda says:

    So this is why I say writing to your congressman and senators is a total waste of time. Now if the citizens can ever get it in their heads how much they don’t count maybe they’ll decide to do something. The same thing for protesting. You protest the cops beat you up which gives them overtime pay and then you are arrested and unless you want to sit in a holding tank for a few days you plead guilty and pay a fine and be on your way.

    If you are in a boat and the bilge dumps water out and there is so much of a sheen of oil on the water they can give you hundreds in fines, but a tanker or oil rig and spew millions of gallons and then we learn it was done on purpose and done just so a corporation could make billions cleaning up the mess and so another corporation could sell millions of gallons of something so toxic it is banned in all other countries. The EPA recommends BP stop spraying that toxic mess, but they just keep on spraying.

    I want just one person to explain to me how we are going to stop this abuse and stop the destruction of our environment peacefully? Because no confrontation with the government ended peacefully. When the government kills scores of people and then the citizens become so enraged they have to stop. Just like all the strikes and protests going back hundreds of years ended badly for the citizens.

    I watch the proceedings on Capitol Hill where a few politicians would argue with the BATF about their tactics and caught them in lies. They acted like they were going to get tough on them, but did nothing. It’s like in there it looks like everything is formal and getting down to business and it’s done just for the cameras. Everything is decided at the cocktail parties like everything else.

    I’m convinced if we don’t get all the citizens onboard and work together and we can be strong as an army, but single we are weak as doves. The government is setting us up for a bigger event. These false flags and bombings and mass shootings are the big picture and all this toxic food is small potatoes. I’ve written to all the congressmen and get nothing. But you’re writing to people that get their pockets lined by the corporations. A clean environment with fresh air and water can not occur in a world with hundreds of corporations trying to keep the profits piling on top of the other.