Barb's Mug 90x100Barb’s Note: Klamath county, Oregon water shutoff – The Klamath Tribes, in collusion with the Federal government and corrupt Oregon officials have started turning off water to farms and ranches. Since the tribe has first water rights, it has claimed those rights and is requiring that all other users with dates later than theirs be shut off. This is everyone else. Read it and weep. Not only will livestock and crops start dying, but this leaves us wide open to rampant wildfires that have the potential to decimate the basin.

The following is a communication from Flying T Salers, the best, in my opinion, cattle rancher in the area.

Flying T Salers

This last week has been a busy week. It started last week when we started hearing that people were having their water turned off in the Bly area and were wanting to get the word out as the paper was not saying much. Then Friday our water was shut off, which started drying out our fall pasture.

A few days later we got that impressive storm that did a good job of getting everything wet.  That storm probably saved the ducklings that I have been watching as it kept the ditchs full for an extra 5 days while the young figured out how to fly. Now with the high temperatures in the 90’s everything is starting to dry out fast. I expect to start seeing some fields with dead grass in the Sprague River basin here pretty soon.

If a person reads the paper they may not grasp who is getting turned off when we say that everyone above Klamath lake is getting turned off. Modoc irrigation district got turned off a few days ago. Most of Sprague has already been turned off, any that are still using surface water will soon be. All of Fort Klamath area will be turned off. It is not just irrigators either. I hear that Chiloquin School will have the water turned off that irrigates their grass lawns. I am hearing that even Crater Lake National Park is in the same boat as the rest of us and will be turned off.

This really is a big deal, then to make things even worse the water master has been breaking state law and is not turning the water off by date. Instead he has been picking the areas where the people who have been fighting this the hardest are and has been turning those areas off and leaving areas where the people have been keeping their heads down or supporting the Tribe alone to be turned off last, even if they have the latest dates in the whole system. The end result has been that while on the ranch we have the oldest water right in the whole basin, second to the Tribes, others with 1950s water rights and later will be irrigating for 2-3 weeks longer than we are with our 1864 water rights.

Where do we go from here? Monday is the rally and then Tuesday a judge in town will start deciding if we can get a stay, which would allow us to irrigate while the high Government/Tribal claims are fought in the local court system. If he is quick about it and we get water back on the dry fields soon we may be able to save our fall feed. That said most of the ranchers, ourselves included have either been selling livestock or moving them out of the area. For us, we were able to move them to a different drainage in the county, but still expect to be short on feed especially this fall.  Most people did not have more grass in the county and are shipping the cattle and the revenue and jobs that go with them to other states now.

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47 Responses to “Klamath Basin Water Shutoff – Leaving Livestock to Die, Basin to Burn”

  1. Bill Bollin says:

    Have you looked into land patents?

  2. This is the link on the Air Force “Owning the Weather,” that I missed in my previous post.

  3. Kermit doesn’t watch the weather reports in Washington State. Here’s the snow report for Mt. Baker on June 11, 2013.

    The facts, evidence, show that the planet is actually getting colder, not hotter as that king of liars Al Gore wants us to believe. Start monitoring this site for factual weather information globally. Globally, glaciers stopped shrinking in 1996, and have been growing rapidly since then. This is fact-based evidence, not wishful thinking.

    Then, give this a lash. This is our own Air Force singing the praises of “owning the weather.” The title of this 1996 paper is:”Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.” If you think this isn’t possible, then you haven’t read Dr. Judy Wood’s book “Where Did The Towers Go?”

    Most people didn’t know that just off the coast of New York City there was a gigantic hurricane (hurricane Erin) that was described as a tropical storm that was going out to sea, days earlier. This storm was created and driven to be off the coast of NYC for a reason. Right after 9/11, it was steered north/east and died out.

    ALL the NYC broadcast media totally blacked this storm out, yet when that latest storm hit NJ, it was given massive coverage. Wake up! The control of information is almost total, as the lack of coverage of Erin shows.

    These are psychopaths in control of advanced technology that is capable of unheard of, until now, power. Think of what Stalin would have done if he had control of this.

    The jetstream is out of whack for a reason right now. These psychopaths want to convince the majority of the population that doesn’t read and has had a complete education (brainwashing treatment) to believe that the unnatural weather that we are experiencing is caused by us, not them manipulating it with their secret technologies.

    Anyone that denies that there is no Agenda 21 is either a troll or is in massive denial.

  4. You’ve nailed it, Stephen. Right now, I am trying to contract for enough hay to get my critters through the year and into next hay season. As it stands, the farmer I get it from is doing a count to see how many bales he has because there might not be enough to go around since he won’t be able to grow it this season due to the water situation. He is an honest man, but some are not so honest and if they have any hay at all left from fulfilling their contracts, it will be sky high in price. If hay is available it will go to the large places first because they have enough money to pay the going rate. The rest of us will be scrambling and a lot of people will have to give up their livestock because they won’t be able to feed them. This will mean that some people will get so desperate that they will simply turn them loose to fend for themselves because they will have nowhere to turn. That’s what happened last time, and this time I expect it to be worse.

  5. Stephen Pavich says:

    I probably have the craziest story that has been posted so far about how the government financed a beautiful little Irrigation District west of Phoenix Arizona. It is called Harquahala Valley about 32, 000 acres of some of the finest farmland you’re ever find anywhere on this planet. I know because I was a 960 acre farmer
    of grapes, melons, and cotton. I was also the president of the Irrigation District for over 12 years. The government built a canal distribution system to deliver water to our properties. It cost $32 million that would be paid back to the government as part of the cost of water. This was all of Arizonas water rights that was set up by the Department of Interior in the early 60’s. The problem was Arizona didn’t have the votes and money to get the Central Arizona Aqueduct completed. Well we were the first ones to recieve water from the Colorado river in 1978. Here is the crazy part. The citys have 1/3 of the water the Indian Tribes 1/3 and the farmers the other1/3. That was fine back then when there was sanity. Today our little valley gets less than 1 acre foot of water and will have no water by 2020 unless we have triple excess of rains. But even then the rights of the Snail Darter will use up 1 million acre feet of water for its preservation and there is even talk to tearing down Glenn Canyon dam. This will push us off the land and into a parking lot so we coild farm a 1 acre greenhouse. I guess the only way that dumb city folk will get it, is when they are starving.
    We are already turning to south of the border for food and you know what that’s going to look like when the EPA will try to control Mexico. Looks like all you progressives are going to be in for a lot of fun.
    By the way the farmers are still farming till they overdraft the pumping water and quit. The same thing is happening in the San Jaoquin valley of California. The Bread basket of the US. California is even stupider the way they treat farmers and water. It is anti business and anti-Agriculture and pro control of everything with the mega corporations calling the shots. As long as we become Zombie Drones everything will be OK.
    Stephen Pavich
    Organic Farmer and consultant

  6. Emmett G. says:

    Mike: I hear you, water should be a human right. But what to do when there’s a drought and not enough water for everyone?

    We have a spring on our property; we share it with 2 other households. There is just enough water for the 3 families; if we shared it with others and just let it run down the mountain for everyone, there wouldn’t be enough water to keep even one person alive. We don’t run a farm either or water our garden either. We paid for that spring and we maintain it. Same with people who put in wells, it costs at least $15,000 and that’s conservative estimate.

  7. Hi joshuaf, Sorry, I have to look at every link due to spam and trolls who regularly attempt to disrupt and crash the site, so comments with links are held. Thanks for the reminder. It is posted ;)

  8. joshuaf says:

    funny thing. My comment still awaiting moderation when other comments have been posted later. Weird!

  9. Actually, kermit, there is an Agenda 21 and it is live and in color. We are following its dictates incrementally, and there are mountains of evidence to substantiate this. Global warming is another area of contention, as the PTB aren’t even referring to it as that anymore because the hockey stick graph was debunked a while ago. Now it is being referred to as climate change. Yes, the climate changes. No, it is not caused by CO2, fossil fuels, etc. However, we do use very dirty methods for transportation, heat, etc., and this is due to very greedy people at the top of the money food chain. This use is causing pollution that is destroying the air, water, and land, as well as throwing us into a progressive state of ill health, all for the benefit of those same very greedy people. No, it’s not all greed, it is psychopathy. Yes, it is difficult to think about others when you are in the middle of a crisis yourself. However, if we don’t start putting the pieces together, there will be a lot fewer of us to care. The Klamath Basin water crisis is a manufactured one. We knew this would not stop in 2001, and here it is again, with even more teeth. Even those of us who don’t have herds of livestock to feed on pasture will feel the pinch since hay will be in short supply for the small rancher who only has a few goats to feed and doesn’t have the money to pay for what feed will cost. Food prices will go up because crops are not being grown. People living near the edge will go over it. The next step is running to the Federal government for help. That is exactly the type of control the feds want. Yes, Agenda 21 in action. Those with the most money will fare the best while the little guys will drop like flies.

  10. kermit says:

    There is no Agenda 21, people, get a grip. It’s a non-binding “wouldn’t it be swell” wish list that isn’t a treaty and therefore is not US law. This is not a plot. It is, however, the result of a conspiracy – a campaign of misdirection and misinformation about global warming. One effect of this very real phenomenon is that warmer air holds more moisture, and therefore it will rain less often in most of the US and when it does, it will be heavier. Up here in Washington State we’re getting more rain and less snow in the mountains, so there’s less snowpack for the river melt over spring and summer. Getting water turned off out of order is a hell of a deal, and I hope you win in court. But we humans don’t behave well under pressure, and you can expect more of this. When there’s not enough water to go around, somebody has to suffer.

    As for global warming and its many effects, look at Texas for a vision of the future for much of America, as well as the weird weather seen in Sandy and such. It’s mostly caused by burning fossil fuels – coal and oil or electricity, and oil (gasoline) for cars. There aren’t any quick fixes. In eastern Washington we have to learn better water management to keep the farmers and ranchers going. New reservoirs, reduced water methods for farming are being tried – but that can only go so far.

    As for people not caring, Barbara, that’s true for most of us. Many of the people in NYC for instance are still living in temporary shelters after watching their houses washed away six months ago. It’s as hard for them to worry about some rancher out west as it is for you to give them much thought when you’re faced with losing your herd. Not apathy for many of us so much as there’s only so much worry a soul can care at one time.

  11. Mike says:

    There is no such thing as 1st, 2nd or 150th water rights! Every human being has the same right to water as any other human being!!!
    What we are talking about is simple greed and selfishness.
    If you live at the top of a mountain and your property has a spring, you do not have the right to hold that water back. You need to let it flow down the mountain so that it may supply as many people as necessary!
    Water belongs to all humanity and no one may claim it for themselves.
    I pray to God that there be a hell for those who would deny water to those who need it. We all live on this big rock and we need to grow up and learn to share!!!!

  12. Jenn says:

    This is indeed Agenda 21 – Get Rosa’s book – behind the green mask and start the uphill fight of exposing it. Good Luck

  13. Paul says:

    Barbara Peterson,
    Replying to your post of July 2, 2013 at 3:48 pm, I think you hit it on the mark, beyond the smoke and mirrors, when you mentioned “lightning strikes” in that part of Oregon that is impacted. The Masons of the unseen degrees –42nd compared to Kissinger’s 33rd– know human hybrids in their collaboration, would wish nothing better than to screw down the rising mass consciousness by isolating or shutting down lightning altogether. The light ning reduction has been done in Venezuela before Chavez’s departure (and also, on a certain island nation I am familiar with..)

  14. joshuaf says:

    Look up “Kennewick Man”
    or go here (Don’t bother with the first 5 minutes)
    Maybe the Indians do not have the rights they think they have!
    Also the question also arises whether you have a contract with the State and if the State is acting illegally.

  15. Eileen K. says:

    Nobody in these posts ever mentioned God, who has owned the water eons before the advent of humanity.

    The water that falls from clouds in the sky do NOT belong to any single individual or group; and, anybody living in the area has the right to collect it on their own property and store it for future use. God gave every human being three unalienable Rights – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These basic Rights are God given; thus, they cannot be either granted or taken away by any government. They are guaranteed by this nation’s Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  16. Tom says:

    Are air wells illegal? They take water from the air condensation, essentially from the jet stream. Not rainwater, not surface water, nun-yo-business.

    Dig a reseervoir, lay straw, then cover with clay. In the morning, voila’

  17. Not as easy as it sounds, Me. First one needs to apply for a permit from the water master. Thousands of dollars later, you might get approval. If you do get approval, then many thousands of dollars later, you can drill your well, if there is adequate water where you want to drill it.

  18. tj says:

    Maybe this is something the lawyers guild, or some other NPO could help with. I think it needs more public attention. Perhaps some independent media organizations (like where i saw it)that have previously covered A21 would carry this story as it unfolds because as we all know the darkness cant spread when you shine the light of truth upon it. We’ll be watching

  19. Emmett G. says:

    Robert: 2 points. First, the people in OK didn’t all move on to better, more productive lives. Many ended up in CA as migrant farm workers and in the 1930’s that was probably the most miserable job a person could have, apart from picking cotton.

    Second: you haven’t addressed the fact that the rest of the people’s water isn’t being cut off according to who had water rights first, they are cutting off the water first from people who complained which isn’t right. Also, what about the fact that in Oregon, no one owns the rain that falls on their own land? The state owns it and if you collect water from rain, you can be fined and even imprisoned. This leaves you without water at all.

    This is a complicated issue with many sides to it. In the end, Monsanto wants to own all the farmland which is why they’re using chemtrails to create droughts throughout the country (and probably the world) and even placing bets on it (and making $) in the disaster hedge fund market.

  20. Interesting that I have gotten so much hate mail regarding this issue from being called a racist to a NWO plant, to a land and water thief and genocidal monster by people who really have no clue about the situation here or the people behind this issue.

    The issue is not about stealing water from the tribe or the salmon and sucker fish. That is the smoke screen, and apparently it is working to fool a great many people. The issue is that the tribe is being led down the garden path once again by a federal government that wants to take the land and water from all of us, and is being used as an instrument to implement Agenda 21.

    So please, think before you rant and rave and call people names when you don’t know the circumstances or have a clue about what you are talking about.

  21. stormyB4 says:

    How does the saying go, whiskey’s for drink in, water’s for fightin over….

  22. hp says:

    I was born in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny foothills.
    No natives (of which I am a white one) loves the river valley where I grew up, more than me.

    Aren’t the natives, (the official natives), emigrants as well?

    “The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it’s good-bye to the Bill of Rights” – H.L. Mencken

  23. Robert says:

    First let me say that I am very sympathetic and understanding of the conditions of the ranchers and farmers in the valley. I own farm ground myself.

    That being said let us take a look at how water rights “typically” work. Water rights themselves go with the ground, NOT with the owner. If somebody owned or was given rights to that ground when the water rights were first established, say back in 1868, or when the tribal ground was setup by the government they get first water rights. Now for non tribal ground, even though the properly has sold 100 times to 100 different owners over the years, the water right stays with the ground not the person.

    Let’s say person #102 comes along in 2013 and buy buys some some different ground say 20 or more miles away. More then likely they bought “later water rights” as part of the ground purchase. So that person has the “later” water rights. No matter where you live, no matter wwhat you do, what ever person, enity, organization that has “first” water rights has control and power. Everybody else, no matter how good, how wonderful, how hard working, how patriotic is in 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place etc. Meaning they get what is left if any.

    The key thing to understand is when people bought the ground THEY KNEW they had later water rights then the tribe. If they claim they didn’t, they are ill informed and didn’t bother to check. Once you walk into the irragation district office or go check at the county, those offices can usually tell you where you are in line. By default the person with the later water right knows that they could get cut back or off if the individual/enity/organization that owns first water rights decides they need more for whatever the reason.

    That is the right of the individual/enity/organization with first water rights. They don’t have to be fair, considerate, understanding, worry about some person’s field going dry or cattle dying with people that hold 2nd – 150th or further down water rights.

    Hence why the west has been known for water wars and how people have killed each other over water and access to water.

    Think of it another way, think of the movie line at a block buster move release. The first person in line gets in. The last person or persons, or last 1/2 of the line may not get in if seats fill up and they sell out.

    Where does that leave the farmers, ranchers and everybody else? First if they have alot of money either as individuals or a group, they can fight this in the legal system and take it all the way to the Supreme Court which will take years. It will also take millions of dollars out of the farmer/ranchers pockets and put them in one or many area attorney’s pockets. Think of it as a large wealth (resource) transfer besides years of time. If the court’s do as they typically have done with water right issues in the past, they will likely favor the first water right holder over the others, no matter how many fields went dry, or how many cow’s are dead or how many farmers/ranchers go out of business.

    The court system, even though it costs you time, money, resources and you may not be sucessful is the only way to go. IF a person chooses something violent, they are only playing into the hands of the people who want to take it away. It will lead to strict and greater amounts of more control (in favor of the first water right holder) in the basin from the State and Federal government. Some fool may get frustrated and say they are going to do something violent. Recall that the Federal government (FBI and other law enforcement) has access to drones that can do everything from monitoring to surveillance. If things really got out of hand and large amounts of violence happen on the ground, a finding could be issued to allow drones with more lethal capability. Government drones could be flying at 15,000 feet, see every move you make and the person on the ground has no idea they are there, can’t see them, can’t hear them, but the drones are there.

    So the absolute best way is take it to court, go through the documentation including historical records at the State archives and the National Archives, see how the first water rights were given, obtained, see specifically what ground and area they were applied to in the beginning, what year, did anybody have any earlier water right’s then whom is now claimed to have first water rights. The list goes on.

    In the end, all have to ask themsevels, at the very personal and family level how much stress, money, pain, grief, agony is it worth to yourself AND your family. If somebody asked you what is this worth to you, your family, and your children in terms of stress/pain agony, would you say, ‘yes it is worth losing 15 years of my life with my grand children’ or ‘it is worth losing my wife/daugther/son/other. Sure you can run it through the court system, but in the end, you have to live with the ruling and if it turns out to be good great, but if it is against you, no matter how awful, unfair, or bad you think the ruling is you have to live with that as well. Been their and done that.

    People sometimes frame the issue as a freedom issue. Fine, a freedom issue. Take it to court/administrative appearl or whatever and accept the results which ever way they go. That is the frame work of freedom that we work under.

    At some point, whether it’s water rights or something else, all of us should take a long hard look about adjusting our lives and our families lives for the better by cutting losses and moving the farm/ranch/business to another area or state where water is friendlier. Kind of like people did in Oklahoma during the dust bowl. They moved out and on to more productive and better lives elsewhere.

    Good Luck,

  24. Frank says:

    Looks like the Indians of today are making the same mistake the eastern woodland tribes made during the American Revolution. They sided with king george and went on a rampage murdering and killing men,women and children. George Washington sent in the Army and devastated their entire culture,from which they never recovered.
    The feds are just using the indians to destroy the Americans!

  25. some dude says:

    No wonder the “governors and tutors” are still in control … all the “supposed heirs” of this world are still acting like little children.

    “Hello pot, this is kettle.”

  26. Churchill says:

    The total control of the Klamath River and it’s tributaries is nothing more than a trial for complete control of a major river system and they will push harder and harder for the control of water rights on the Columbia and Snake River drainage. As, the Salmon, Clearwater, St. Joe/St. Maries, Priest, Clark Fork and Kootenai drainage/tributaries are already under their control, as like the the most of the Umpqua, upper Willamette, Smith, the Coos. Coqille, Rogue, Chetco, Winchuck, Smith, Lower Klamath, Trinity, Mad, Mattole and the three forks of the the Eel, upper Sacramento, Pit and etc. And Yea, I been pissed, and still am. Ive been born and raised in Northern CA. and So. OR. and currently livin for the past 25 years lived in the Idaho Panhandle. The BLM, EPA, Fish and Gamed among other agencies have screwed up as well, both States and Federal. As for the Native Americans, they have been sudued like the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Whites. Indeed, the majority of all Americans prefer handouts, motorized recreation. sports/ entertainment and technology, with no thoughts of clean air, water, food and etc. Agenda 21 and it’s many tongues via their “Indigenous Treaty” all, but requires that Native Americans bow and pray for existence to those who’s Ancestors have conquered their Ancestors many years ago which is completely intolerable and non-negotiable with my Ancestry.

  27. greg says:

    This is the same tribe that brought gold mining in California to a grinding halt and threw thousands of miners, their families, and the supporting business’s to the wolves in favor of Salmon spawning in creeks and rivers that could never support their habitat to begin with. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Good luck.

  28. Linda Bachman says:

    We live east of Bend. Our thoughts are with you. Yes, did someone say start up the militia?

  29. This isn’t in Klamath, but close.

    “Gary Harrington, the Oregon man convicted of collecting rainwater and snow runoff on his rural property surrendered Wednesday morning to begin serving his 30-day, jail sentence in Medford, Ore.”

    What part of “water grab” do you not understand, ListenUp?

  30. ListenUp says:

    Rain water? What part of this story involved rain water? No permit is required to catch rain water on a man made surface. The Klamath situation has absolutely nothing to do with the catchment of rainwater.

  31. Irene says:

    The water master has a lot of power . The water master can choose “god like” who lives and who dies . It seems as though there is no justice in the act of conservation If one can’t even save a barrel of rain water off the roof . Imagine having to slaughter all your livestock weather its ready or not even if the market is glutted .

  32. Reid Adamson says:

    Time to call up the militia!
    Organize, arm, equip and train!! – it’s time!!!

  33. joe says:

    core reserves and corridor zones
    little to no human use……….

    agenda 21 has scheduled all people living in these rural zones to be herded into the cities. increased utility bills, overpriced gasoline and other economic sanctions will drive the urban push.

  34. ListenUp says:

    Peple need to read and understand the laws of their State. Oregon water law has been on the books since 1909. Time to catch up. No one, not one single living person in this State was using water prior to that. This is nothing new. The law predates anyone, including me, who is reading this article.

  35. Joe W. Cullen says:

    In 2001 after reading about the shutoff of water in the Klamath river basin to preserve a species of fish. I wrote the following:

    O’ Promise Me Water Forever

    Klamath river, Klamath river,
    O” how the Feds give me a shiver.

    Fish Sucker, Fish Sucker,
    Blood Sucker, Blood Sucker.

    But the fish lives free,
    While the Feds demand, “gimme”.

    Gimme dat water, Gimme dem waters,
    Lead to the slaughter, lead to the slaughter.

    Generations of family dreams and hope,
    Then endangered species make you go broke.

    Politicians retire and hide in the shade,
    listening and talking they will fade.

    Rural community in decline,
    There is plenty of sign.

    People without hope,
    Turn to drugs and coke.

    Then comes the spouse abuse,
    The wife screams, it’s no use.

    I can’t change life,
    I’m only your wife.

    Hide in the barn, hide in the fields,
    Keep it a secret for you cannot yield.

    Take my water and all my income,
    Lose my son and daughter and then some.

    Bankers and lenders what their money,
    All I can say to the wife is, “I love you” honey.

    When you lose your farm, you lose your life,
    Lost in time, no place to go, I’ll end it with a knife.

    The government promised water forever from the dam,
    Now here I am, gun in hand, broken down and not worth a damn.

    Shoot myself, knife myself, I can’t decide,
    The coroner mustn’t think it is not suicide.

    Make it look good, bloody and messy, what the heck,
    The insurance company will issue a check.

    Lay me in the soil of my farm,
    I can no longer do any harm.

    My family is shattered,
    Beaten and battered.

    With desperate death, I copted out,
    Only my wife if left to shout.

    The American Dream, we worked long and hard,
    Scrimped and saved and cooked with lard.

    Chased the promise and the dream,
    Until we ran out of economic steam.

    Abandoned by government hacks,
    Fighting bureaucrats, it’s all stacked.

    Results predetermined by Congressional acts,
    Rural culture destroyed and that’s a fact.

    With fish more important than humans you’d think,
    Politicians would understand not to push us to the brink.

    Looking for a lifeboat,
    Anything to keep me afloat.

    I and my neighbors went to a meeting,
    Not many came, there was plenty of seating.

    The message was strange but full of hope,
    Abandoned by the system, my thoughts I spoke.

    My husband dead, what can I do?
    Yes, the common law courts says, I can sue.

    Then comes the petition,
    It says join our militia.

    I have a choice, go through the gate,
    I know it will help me shed my hate.

    On Sunday I go out,
    What is my faith about?

    They told me of conspiracy,
    I really thought it was heresy.

    Identity ministry, separatist and supremist, are the choices,
    Prowling, growling, howling, they all shout, we are the voices.

    You must listen to me,
    For if you want to be.

    Of a sane mind,
    You must find.

    A new American Dream some place,
    Where you will be safe.
    The words to this just came flowing out of my mind as fast as I could write them down. Did not have to think about it for a minute.
    I have been writing poetry since I was in mid school.
    But notice how the voice of this poem changes from the man to the women.
    I am a retired District Conservationist. I observed one of the greatest transfer of private property and the destruction of rural families in the crash of the 1980’s in Kansas.
    I can readily associate and understand the feelings expressed in this poetry.
    We have retired now to five acres in western Oklahoma’s rural vastness.
    From the red hills of Western Oklahoma America’s secret redoubt

    Joe W. Cullen
    USDA, SCS retired
    USAF, retired
    Educator, public, private, church and reservations schools, USA.
    Educator Egyptian and Ecuadorian private American schools.
    Peace Corps, Niger West Africa, The Sahel
    Commissioned Police officer New Mexico Mounted Patrol
    Corrections officer, CCA Northfork Correctinal facility
    Minuteman with two muster calls to the border, Columbus, NM.
    Private armed security guard
    Loomis/Fargo armored security services
    Convenience store shift manager

  36. will elliott says:

    In case you hadn’t heard – here in no. w. Mt. the Salish & Kootenai tribe are demanding (with the help of state & fed. government) total control of all waters above & below ground. and that area is to cover the whole west end of Montana, Canada to Utah/Idaho!
    these Indians are saying that anywhere their ancestors trod is theirs to claim!
    Beware of the power play America! You’re next!

  37. Jeremy Franklin says:

    so what is the reasoning for the water shut off? It can’t just be because our political officials are corrupt as you say. This issue is bigger than ourselves let’s take the Scott river for instance it goes bone dry because of irrigation…is that what we want eventually for our rivers. people need to stand up if we want to protect our natural resources.

  38. cossack55 says:

    The water wars are becoming more prevalent. Fracking is king. Energy trumps all else until it is too late. Oregon seems to be some weird sort of Beta-state for testing of a “grand design”. Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestones? Who knows. Best of luck to you all out there and I will do my best to spread the word here in the midwest.

    The Rule of Fours

    4 minutes without air
    4 days without water
    4 weeks without food
    All else is BS

  39. Mind Farmer says:

    Unless you organize, start applying for food stamps and working at a convenient store run by a smarter man than you, who moved here from a country destroyed by bad government but with friends and family pooled their money and resources and bought into success by organizing.
    You probably been raised to be independent and that will be your downfall, most farmers and ranchers are socially independent, besides the communist system of Farm and Ranch subsidy they take from the same Government that is killing your farm and future.
    Again if you organize like a few of the blacks did in the 60’s to fight for the same rights your grandparents and parents enjoyed, you will see success. But if you stay small minded, you will be picked off one by one.
    You need to do what is right. Block roads with marches, do sit ins, turn water back on, etc. etc. Martin Luther King/Mahatma Gandhi peaceful resistance.
    Hey we celebrate Martin Luther Kings birthday, right? Why? Because he fought and sacrificed for many. He organized and he marched!
    Will you?

  40. Emmett, Spread the word. There was another court meeting today. I should find out how it went soon, and will post.

  41. This part of Oregon is notorious for having lightning strikes due to thunderstorms this time of year. Coincidence that the water has been cut off by the government just at this time? Or is it an Agenda 21 controlled burn? Is this a plan to get us out of the proposed “no-human habitat” zone? Time will tell…

  42. Emmett G. says:

    This is horrendous, criminal and psychopathic! Is there anything we can do to help? I live in TN but I can launch a campaign to write letters, etc. if anyone there thinks this will help. Please, let us know if we can help – also, please keep us up to date.
    Thank you for telling us about this. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they were setting up a model to do this elsewhere.

  43. In Oregon, water is owned by the public. This means that a Water Master controls all water rights. Water rights are by date of acquisition. There is a difference between a regular well for household use and an irrigation well, as the licensing and production are different. The state claims to control all of the water, even the water that falls onto your property. You are given the right to use it by the state, and the state claims the right to take it away. So, you pay the state for the privilege of drilling a well, and if it is an irrigation well, you pay for the permit, pay for the well, pay the power company to hook up your irrigation well, and even if you don’t use it, you pay yearly for the privilege of being hooked up, and if/when the state decides to cut you off, you are cut off.

  44. Sherry says:

    Huh? If you own acreage you dug a well for
    water didn’t you? How does this work anyway?
    Here in MN everyone living in a rural area…
    farms and people just living in the country
    all have their own well they paid for when they
    bought their property.

  45. Most people simply do not care until it is right in their back yards, Andrew, and even then, breaking through the apathy is a monumental task.

  46. Andrew Dickey says:

    This is awful!!! I am amazed that I get such little response about this in my postings.