Wheat Saboteur Caught

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7 Responses to “GMO Wheat Saboteur Caught!”

  1. SaveYourSeed says:

    Many thanks to you Barbara…..I caught you on C to C AM the other night ! Good show & you are appreciated !!!

  2. Goldbug36 says:

    We can’t allow the evil ones to take away our sense of humor, now can we? No, Monsanto doesn’t need a scapegoat .. they have the entire Congress, SCOTUS, the federal court system and the media on their side. Do these people really think they and their families will be exempt from the illnesses caused by this non-food, or are they too dumbed down to question it?

  3. Goodbye, James. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. The description clearly stated – “Graphic.” That means a picture. Too bad that you can’t see the message, which is….. Monsanto will never take responsibility for its actions, and will make the most ridiculous claims such as it has recently, stating that an anti-GMO saboteur must have planted the seeds to discredit Monsanto. Have a nice day :)

  4. James says:

    WOW I thought when I saw the headline in the email link that I would be reading real news.
    Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a stupid cartoon on par with a Fox News report.
    Guess I’ll have to find a more serious site or start my own.

  5. deb liguori says:

    I think Monsanto knew they were going to get caught and that’s why the Monsanto Protection Act had to be passed so quickly. I just read in the Lancaster Farmer where Nina Federoff,plant geneticist and molecular biologist, stated that gmos are even safer than non gmos. Stating most gmos require less pesticides and plants have been modified long before they knew what plant genes were. Of course, that was naturally and not by the synthetic means of today. Also, they don’t acknowledge that fact that plants have become resistant and actually have to be sprayed more with more toxic pesticides. Penn State ad director, John Berry, Lehigh County,Pa., was the author of this editorial. When will they actually acknowledge the unknown consequences of mutating cells and the effects on our bodies. Case in point, bee colony collapse disorder, the mutation of the frogs and the decline of the monarch butterflies.

  6. I changed it a bit. I think the meaning is clearer now. Monsanto will blame it on anyone but themselves ;)

  7. irene says:

    yeh , you think they are even going to bother with a fall guy ? Blame it on the pioneer brand and not monsantos whole line ?