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Normally I don’t put too much stock in petitions, but one has got my attention. It is the petition put out by Colleen Mellor and Nomi C. to ban GMOs worldwide. Here is what they say at the site:

World Ban GMOs

Ban Genetically Modified Organisms Worldwide

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are endangering the health, environment, and economic welfare of the entire world. GMO’s are not proven safe and are not sustainable, despite biotechnology industry claims. Independent research shows major health problems associated with GMO consumption and related chemical farming in the form of chronic illnesses, reproductive failure, food allergies, autism, birth defects and cancer. We do not support the continued production of GMO’s anywhere in the world and the long term safety of GMO’s has not been confirmed through rigorous, independent, scientific studies. We value our health and environment and want to preserve the availability of safe food in the future. We want every nation to join those who have already banned GE and work together towards the eventual worldwide ban of Genetically Modified Organisms.

I couldn’t agree more. With the March Against Monsanto garnering over 2 million marchers worldwide, awareness is spreading like wildfire. We’ve got the momentum going, and more marches are planned.

The March Against Monsanto’s Facebook site states:

We are NOT waiting a year!!! Start planning people…October 12th we take to the streets again. In honor of World Food Day on 10/16/13 (it happens to be a Wednesday) and the fact that October is National GMO Awareness month, we will get on our marching boots for an even bigger event seen this past weekend. We hope most of our organizers will be willing to go again and we welcome new ones as well. Please message the page to get signed up in your city! Thanks everyone!! (There is also the July 4th event being put on by

Why is banning GMOs so important?

Monsanto is not content to merely take over the world’s food supply. In fact, according to Dr. Michelle Kmiec, Monsanto is on a mission to pharmaceutically enhance GMO foods using new RNA technology, which can effectively silence genes.

DNA2Exposed: Monsanto’s Mission To Pharmaceutically “Enhance” GMO Foods

Announced on August 28, 2012 Monsanto and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. formed a “Strategic Alliance”. Why strategic? Together they intend to “… advance biological technologies in the field of agriculture…”

“The new alliance brings Alnylam’s broad RNAi-based intellectual property (IP) and proprietary technologies to Monsanto’s new BioDirect™ technology, which aims to deliver innovative biological solutions for farmers.”

So they are going to bring solutions for farmers? Well, that’s what they want you to believe

Let’s take a look at what “RNAi-based intellectual property” actually is. Better known as RNAi therapeutics – here is the explanation in the words of Alnylam:

RNAi (RNA interference) is a revolution in biology, representing a breakthrough in understanding how genes are turned on and off in cells, and a completely new approach to drug discovery and development.

RNAi is a natural process of gene silencing that occurs in organisms ranging from plants to mammals. By harnessing the natural biological process of RNAi occurring in our cells, the creation of a major new class of medicines, known as RNAi therapeutics, is on the horizon.”

Now based on everything so far, an obvious pattern emerges leading to an undeniable outcome:

Synthetic Food + Pharmaceuticals + Genetically Modified Foods & Organisms + RNAi Therapeutics = Pharmaceutically Enhanced Food

How would you someday like to wake up to find that the dinner you ate the night before made you sterile, or dosed you with a medicine for a relatively unknown, rare disease, or caused a life-threatening reaction because of a drug that made its way across a field and into your organic corn? How would you like to find out that you have just been dosed with a drug because you merely handled an innocent looking plant?

The new technology can silence or activate targeted genes in plants, and the genetically engineered RNA used in the process can conceivably horizontally transfer to people who eat the plants, or even handle them.

Don’t think Monsanto would do this? The people of Anniston Alabama didn’t think they were targeted to be killed with PCBs either. Just look at the history of this company:

Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Awful Products Made By Monsanto

When you take a moment to reflect on the history of product development at Monsanto, what do you find? Here are twelve products that Monsanto has brought to market. See if you can spot the pattern…

Read the dirty dozen here:

No coexistence is possible

Coexistence with an invasive species that is set to take over life on earth through genetic engineering is not possible. Not by a long shot. So, if we do not want to live as a genetically engineered species on a genetically engineered planet, taking whatever garbage is in store for us without knowledge or consent, then we need to BAN GMOs. ALL OF THEM!

Recently I was told: “You just want to change the world.” My reply to that is: The world is changing whether we like it or not. How it changes is up to us.

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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11 Responses to “Ban GMOs Worldwide or become Genetically Engineered”

  1. Dave J. says:

    This video was created by folks in Lansing, Michigan during the March against Monsanto.

  2. Karin says:


    Thought I should drop by and tell you of Monsanto hiring Blackwater to investigate and spy of adversaries of GMO’s.

    This seem a bit over the top, but it’s been checked out and true.

    Speaks volumes about their agenda, and their “company model” if you know what I mean.


    Signing the petition and tweeting it
    My best

  3. draj says:

    they can’t seem to get Eugenics right. they tried with Hilter and that failed. now they are using food to kill people. hmmm… they are also killing the planet -that ain’t good. no GMO anywhere ever please.

  4. Anonymous says:

    (researched and found this clip) here’s how we can do it – kudos to Barbara Peterson for heroic work!

    “Initiative to Ban GMO Cultivation:

    Each individual has the opportunity to make a positive change in their own city, as 13 other cities have done so far with proactive citizens across the U.S. that have banned GMO cultivation.

    If there were a GMO ban on cultivation in every city and county across the U.S., GMOs would cease to exist – game over!

    Let’s not wait for someone else to do it…”

    The How-to Guide to Ban GMOs in Your City
    This website is designed to provide comprehensive yet simple guidelines for each individual to approach their respective city council with tools on how to end GMO cultivation and toxic pesticides associated with them in their own city.

    This has been done in San Juan County, Washington and other cities across the nation. Proactive citizens all across the country have taken a stance and made their voices heard, and have made a positive change in their cities by urgently requesting the end of GMO cultivation – this can be done and is being done on local levels, right now, in over 30 cities across the U.S. – but there are as many as 30,000 cities across the nation – we need your help!

    “Power of The People” is the foundation of our nation; it is the freedoms and liberties that we hold sacred still to this day – you, are the singular voice of The People – let it be heard loud and clear.

    With that in mind, this website’s sole purpose is to offer you the necessary information to complete the courageous task of banning GMOs in your city by:

    1. Offer the GMO FAQ brochure, to the right, to your city council members for quick info about GMOs.
    2. Visiting State and Local Government Directory to find your city council phone number and location.
    3. Downloading the PDF file below, which include references on how to request GMO ban ordinance.


    Step 1 – Get familiar
    Call your local city council clerks office and ask them how you can go about getting a copy of zoning and by-laws on toxins and hazardous substances in your city. This process will be giving you information about the by-laws that are already in place pertaining to hazardous materials. If you’re also seeking to introduce an ordinance to ban GMOs exclusively, your city may require a certain number of signatures needed to pass an ordinance, so call to get any necessary information needed to introduce ordinances in your city that may not be covered on this website.

    Step 2 – Make a plan of action
    Find out when your city council meets and has open public comments, then schedule to go to a city council public meeting and approach the city council and present your case with the documents and information you’ve gathered from this website. You will usually have 3 minutes to present your case to the city council. If you can find others to support you in your efforts, bring them with you for moral support, and ask if they too would like to speak to the city council, as 3 minutes may not be enough time for you to present your entire case – they can continue where you left off after your time has expired.

    Step 3 – Show a video about GMOs
    Watch Genetic Roulette below about GMOs, which is a 10 minute video. It should be considered being played (if requested at your city council and time is allotted) to your city council so they can see, from experts and researchers, the adverse impacts of GMOs.

    Step 4 – Download the PDF file
    Below, there is a PDF document you can download and take with you for reference when speaking to your city council. Edit as necessary. Also, there are other PDF files that you can download (optional) throughout this website that offer useful tools and resources like research studies and such with even more information about GMOs and the pesticides that are used to cultivate them.

    Step 5 – Learn about Preemption
    Many legislative officials oppose Preemption, so simply call your representatives and ask their stance on Preemption. If they oppose it, you may have a potential ally on your side. Find if Preemptive Legislation is in your state, then click the link below to learn how to fight Preemptive legislation if it’s in your state with this toolkit – Click here.

    The movie, Genetic Roulette by Jeffery Smith.

    Ken Akopiantz, a farmer speaking to the city council about GMOs in San Juan county, Washington where they recently banned GMOs.

    additional information:

    The Current State and Local Revolution to Refuse GMO’s and Monsanto for Good.

    Remember, your own city, county, town and state can BAN and totally refuse Monsanto
    and genetically engineered foods for good (bypassing the soft approach and already corrupted FDA and USDA). Mendocino County in CA completely banned and refused any GMO plants, food and animals in their own County. And Santa Juan County in WA has followed by their own Local initiative on ballots.
    We need to kick Monsanto out – town by town, city by city and not allow them to co-exist at all in your own local neighborhoods and adjacent to our pure food supplies, land and farms. WE need to kick them out completely. No compromise. It’s time.

    City by city, town by tow, we kick them out for good.

    “State and Local Victories in Banning GMO’s.
    OREGON: GMO Free Jackson County: Makes it unlawful for any person to propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically engineered plants in Jackson County.” A video about the effort can be found here:
    GMO Bans in Effect
    City GMO Restriction: In the City of Boulder, it is illegal to plant GMOs on public land. The City is the largest land owner in the city, with approximately 40, 000 acres under its control.
    San Juan County: Washington was able to pass what is known as Initiative Measure No. 2012-4, which actually bans the growth of genetically modified organisms within the county.
    Town GMO Ban: On March 25, 2006 the town of Montville approved a resolution that declared itself a GMO free zone. “Montville Bans Genetically Modified Seeds,” Bangor Daily News, 27 March 2006
    County Yes No Prohibited
    Mendocino 57% 43% Yes
    Marin 61% 39% Yes
    Butte 39% 61% No
    Humboldt 35% 65% No
    San Luis Obispo 41% 58% No
    Sonoma 44% 56% No
    County GMO Ban: Measure H passed by voters (March 2004) in Mendocino County which states that “it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically modified organisms in Mendocino County.” (Measure has yet to be codified)
    Santa Cruz County, California – Passed by Board of Supervisors (moratorium)
    County GMO Ban: Marin County voted for a measure which states that “it is unlawful for any person or entity to cultivate, propagate, raise or grow genetically modified organisms in Marin County.” (2004)….
    County GMO Ban: Trinity County passed Ordinance No. 1284 which states that “it is unlawful for any person to propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically engineered organisms in Trinity County.” Chpt 8.25 of County Code (2004)
    City GMO Ban: City of Arcata City ordinance states that “it is unlawful for any person, partnership, corporation, firm or organization of any kind to sell, distribute, propagate, cultivate, raise or grow seeds or crops of genetically engineered organisms in the City of Arcata…” Ordinance No. 1350 (2004) http://www.environmentalcommon.....-ordina….
    City GMO Ban: Point Arena passed Ordinance No. 193 which states that “it is unlawful for any person, partnership, corporation, firm or organization of any kind to sell, distribute, propagate, cultivate, raise or grow seeds, whole plants, or crops of genetically modified organisms in the City of Point Arena” Chpt 8.25

  5. Abe says:

    Here’s a couple of sites you might be interested in checking ou so you can see what the GMO industry is up to.


    Internation Service for the Acquisition of Agri-BioTech Aplications

    Be sure to sub to the Crop Biotech Update.

  6. Abe says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Barb on what a waste of time it is writing to our self serving Harlets in Washington DC, and there should be a global ban!! If we truely want to make a differece on GMO’s, we need to start at the local, county, and state.
    I had the privilege to work with Dr. Nancy Swanson on a series of articles she wrote for the Seattle Examiner. Here’s the PDF version from the Sustainable Pulse.

    Genetically Modified Organisms and the deterioration of health in the United States
    N.L. Swanson, 4/24/2013

    Although I believe there are other factors in these alarming Statistics, like food additives, dyes, and vaccines, Nancy and I decided to call 1996 the WOW year! Thats when GMO’s were really started to hit the markets. The stats for the most part are from the U.S. Government! So those rat bastards in the government can’t claim the Sgt. Shultz defence (“I Know, See, and Hear Nothing”)!

    We were going to do an article on follow the money, but as you can guess there really isn’t any real accurate way to get the real total of money’s shelled out by Monsatan, and the rest of there band of health robbing thieves.

    Here is a blog form a friend of mine that has at best an incomplete list, but that’s better that nothing. My guess would be multiply by 10 and you’d get a more realistict picture.


    I know one of my fav. Senator (dear Amy) gets a lot of money from lawyers. Need I say more!

    I will not rest on the GMO issue til there is a total global ban! I see some people are starting to use a phrase I started to use several years ago, “The 6th Extinction”! This is exactly where were going unless GMO’s and several other things are banned forever! You don’t have to be a genius to know whats wrong in todays world. It’s these 3 simple things, chemicals, Chemicals, CHEMICALS!!

    Another VERY important point to bring up is now GMO’s are in the drug supply!!!! GMO vaccines and drugs are now in wide use. It’s under the guise of “Bio-Better” and Bio-Simular”!!
    I’ve been trying to research GMO drugs, but with the out cry on GMO foods, they’re hiding it really good. I can say there is a GMO flu vaccine, and diabetic drugs in use today.
    Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware)

  7. Tyranny says:

    This just in from Natural Society, Amy Kloubachar received $5,000 from Monsanto. And There is an extensive list of other politicians paid off by Monsanto. Thanks Barb!

  8. Barbara T. says:

    It is also human degradation under the guise of “helping mankind”, and they should be told to keep their dirty hands off of our food. Let’s all tell them that by refusing to buy it.

  9. William Wallkingstick says:

    GMOs are a dangerous step toward many different problems, all of which we dont even know about.
    Maybe they do.
    We certainly have had many lying ‘scientists’ in the past who have been caught up with after getting large grants to do the dirty work for large companies like Monsanto.
    Is Monsanto the devil in disguise? Worse. In Christian texts the devil only gets a percentage of the sinners whereas Monsanto’s greedy money grab can affect us every one.
    How can anyone own stock in such a company as Monsanto? People who have brokers who handle accounts for them need to request their money be taken out of any plan that includes Monsanto.
    My family and myself have been seriously affected as a result of Monsanto’s lies about the safety of their products. It is a sad day when the devil decides what you can eat, how it will be grown and discounts any long or short term affects on babies, women, men and children. A sad day indeed.

  10. steve chase says:

    More totally evil takeover from giant corps because our elected reps. are money hungry lazy total traitors. They turn their backs not only on the present pblic but all children now and future and all people from pioneers to soldiers to founding fathers just for selfish power and money. It is all out of control with corruption and spinless paid off destroyers of everything right.

  11. irene says:

    I agree , no co existance is possible . Its chemichal pollution and degredation of the environment . Ban all GMO , forever .