March Against Monsanto Special! Gary Null releases his movie “Seeds Of Death” for free viewing for a limited time in honor of the march on May 25.

Click HERE to find an event near you. If you can’t attend, WEAR RED!


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5 Responses to “Seeds Of Death – Full Movie”

  1. GoldenEra says:

    I’ll keep it simple: “You are what you eat!”



  2. Neptunya says:

    Unpublished: After more than 10 years of litigation and multiple twists, a former employee of agricultural cooperative with cancer of the blood that has been exposed to pesticides has been recognized as an occupational disease. Background. JM Bony is now retired. Before he was employed in an agricultural cooperative where he tested pesticides. He worked there from 1969 to 2002, during which time he has handled various amount of pesticides.

    In 2002, her doctors detect malignant Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). In February 2004, he sent to the insurance fund MSA (MSA) an application for recognition as an occupational disease on the basis of a medical certificate justified by prolonged pesticide exposure during his career. Lack of response, he sent in September 2004 a second application also motivated by a second medical certificate established by another doctor oncologist at which the MSA have been refused in November 2004 on the grounds that Mr. Bony disease not listed in Table occupational disease of agricultural workers and that his condition was not stabilized …

    In a latest medical expertise, TASS in February 2008 recognized Mr. Bony a partial permanent disability (IPP) of 29%. The MSA was then appealed to the Regional Committee for recognition of occupational diseases (CRRMP) from Marseille, has issued a negative opinion to Mr. Bony in September 2008, as the CRRMP Montpellier in August 2011. Meanwhile, Mr. Bony TASS had seized in November 2009 that it had found that the decisions and opinions of the CRRMP were unmotivated and therefore a judgment of 12 January 2012 it was seized CRRMP Lyon with injunction to give an opinion motivated.

    In September 2012, the CRRMP Lyon was again rejected the existence of a direct and vital link between the disease and the occupation of Mr. Bony. The MSA was therefore notified the new decision rejecting Mr. Bony again his request.

    Mr. Bony took issue with the decision making in support of numerous scientific studies documenting the relationship between NHL and exposure to pesticides.

    A copy of the judgment. The TASS Vaucluse comes to him by a judgment of 11 April 2013 and for which the MSA can not call (she had a month to do so), to formally recognize very clearly that the NHL was Mr. Bony result of his occupational exposure to pesticides used and he condemns the MSA to take charge of his illness! The TASS has not only given the evidence provided by Mr. Bony, by doctors who have followed and his lawyers but also overruled the opinion of three CRRMP which is rare and remarkable [1]!

    “We welcome the first rewarded perseverance shown by Mr. Bony all these years of struggle and the work of his lawyer Maitre Lafforgue or physicians who have supported throughout his career. We welcome the TASS has taken into account the scientific studies linking the NHL and exposure to pesticides. “Said F. Veillerette spokesman for Future Generations. “This decision demonstrates that a fundamental change is taking place today on the issue of the recognition of the impact of pesticides on the health of people who are exposed. The advocacy work by various people and structures is now bear fruit … finally! Victims of pesticides must more than ever to continue to come forward and voice their legitimate rights and now increasingly recognized. “He concludes

    Find a video made by JM Bony Future Generations in 2010 at an event we organized and where we met for the first time victims of pesticides.


    Press contact: Nadine Lauverjat 06 87 56 27 54

    [1] Note that the TASS is not required for these decisions CRRMP.

  3. Karin – I would suggest using a hoop house. I have instructions for a simple one on the sidebar. Monsanto’s stress resistant seeds are being designed for drought, flood, metals, etc., and that is what is happening to our soil. We can mitigate this in areas of heavy chemtrailing by covering our crops. I haven’t gotten to the point of making a hoop house yet, as I’ve been growing tomatoes and peppers in a spare bedroom. When we plant outside this year, I want to make raised beds and put a cover over them. There are also people who are working on soil remediation. If you test your soil, then you will know how to address the conditions. This is how we can work on positive solutions to the immediate problem of growing food.

  4. Karin says:

    I’m afraid Barb, they spray here every morning and evening now

    It changes the soil.. Is this to kill using heirloom or even hybrid seed? Make the soil so acidic that only Monsanto seed will grow?

    Earth is my religion, has been since a kid 60yrs ago. Without her I have no reason to live. She is my Rock.

  5. Abe says:

    I’ve heard this was out and hoping to find it on screwtube.
    Thanks Barb for bringing us this. Thanks Gary for making this!! I hope people share this far and wide.