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Farm Wars

It starts with just one choice…

The gift of choice. Ah, yes, that almost always confusing void in the middle of “what should I do” in which one must make a decision. But are our everyday decisions really important? The answer is a resounding YES!

It’s not the big decisions that truly change our lives, but the accumulation of all the tiny decisions, all wound together to create our strength or our weakness. The small decisions make us who we are, and affect everyone around us, like ripples in an ocean. And these effects just keep on spreading.

Each and every decision we make, every day, every minute of every day, from the twitch in our toe to the hair in the sink, has a ramification. It shapes us, whether we recognize it or not. That, in turn, shapes the world around us.

That being said, let’s push on to the question at hand. And that is, how do you heal a planet?

The answer is, we heal ourselves.

How? By choosing, with each and every conscious decision, to seek the truth, find the truth, live it, and love it. Not just the truths that we think are “big.” You know, the earth-shaking realization of the truth that you’ve been lied to about Santa Claus, but the small truths. Why? Because each small truth reveals another lie, which leads to more truth, and so on. But it’s not just the revealing of the lie, it is the decision to act on that knowledge that spreads even more truth. It’s like a snowball effect. We can choose to advance truth, or spread the lie. Either way, there are ramifications – positive or negative. There is no middle ground, and no emotion about it. It is simple physics.

If we want to heal this planet, we must start with ourselves. We must spread the truth by living it and loving it.

Let’s look at two examples of areas for potentially healthy activism with planet-healing potential:

640_fluoride-warning1) Fluoride

Fluoride is bad stuff. If you don’t know about it, please go here. You do not want this in your mouth. But toothpastes are full of it, and the AMA and ADA promote the lie that it is good for you. So, after realizing that you’ve been lied to about this, what do you do? Do you keep on purchasing the same old garbage out of habit or do you find out what is healthy, and do it?

If you want to promote change, you get some coconut oil, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, a bit of peppermint oil, and use a mix of that to brush your teeth. Just that one choice accomplishes several things:

  • Gets rid of the poison in your mouth
  • Ends your dollar support of fluoride poisoning, which affects you and the planet
  • Sets an example for your children and all those around you
  • Gives the finger to Cargill who makes a profit selling its hazardous waste to the municipal water companies to dump in our water supply
  • And last but not least, casts your ballot for truth

I think that is pretty productive, don’t you? One simple decision can make a difference.

But let’s not stop there, it’s on to the next choice.

2) Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

monsanto in your pantsLet’s say that we have found out that GMOs are killing us. If you don’t believe me, then please go here to do some research. So, we decide to eliminate them from our lives. After doing some digging, we find out that just about everything in the supermarket is GMO. We are surrounded. Not to be daunted, we forge ahead and start stripping our cupboards of anything we recognize to be GMO. A work in progress, as our knowledge increases. Good. One step at a time, and we are already feeling healthier, giving the finger to Monsanto, and sharing our experience with friends.

Then, just when we think that we’ve got the food thing about licked, it’s time to buy underwear. Yeah, the cotton kind. GMO underwear. Not only do they have us by the throat, but now they’ve got us by the chonies.

The people who promote the genetic engineering of our planet are everywhere, and the opportunities to engage them by choosing to ban each and every product that we can from our personal lives are immense. So, we start – one product at a time, and don’t stop. Right now the underwear thing has got me stumped, but not for long. Where there is a will, there is a way, and Monsanto is not welcome in my drawers.

So, how do we heal this planet? We begin with just one thing and start chiseling away, and with each and every decision to follow what is good, true, and healthy by changing our lives to incorporate this new-found information, the ripples just keep overlapping and multiplying. The effects are endless. You heal, and the planet heals. It really is just that simple.

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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8 Responses to “How to Heal a Planet”

  1. Ed says:

    Great article Barbara-from OzzieEd
    I read a really fantastic article yesterday which prompted me to immediately purchase the product for myself and my whole family. It is a product which removes fungal candida and the associated toxins from the body, which are the cause of cancerous tumours. You can also purchase the zeolite and probiotics from them to assist the detox. I have been researching cancer cures and other health issues for years and this is one of if not the best products I have heard of. I strongly reccomend you look at this website; Candidacleanser.com
    Keep up the great work. We have to cleanse ourselves so we can access the clarity to win this war. Love and light to all!

  2. SamFpx says:

    Hey, thanks for the toothpaste recipe. I am gonna mix some up.

    What we are in the middle of is a war on nature by satan itself. It’s just another finger from the devil aimed at Nature’s God. We are in the field of battle, like it or not. Every human is. Synthetic chemicals, chemical food & GMO food are being promoted to the extent they are almost forced on us. I think they soon will be because some control freaks out there think they are smarter than God. Slowly our choices in this regard are being taken away…

    That’s why hemp & cannabis are ignored. Though the synpharm industry tries to copy cannabis medicine so they can patent their junk.

    Another front is UN Agenda 21. To force us into smaller communities that can be totally controlled. Take a look at Agenda 21 & communitarianism. Look especially for articles by Niki R. I can’t spell her last name & am to lazy to re look it up. :-)

    If you believe in Jesus/Yeshua, take a moment to pray. What is going on, bottom line, is da debil trying to run the world as it seeks to raise his dominion over that of the Almighty, as it talks about in the Old Covenant. We regular peeps cannot beat the perverse entity. But Jesus beat the stuffing out it with a big ugly stick :-) when He rose from death.


  3. Barbara T. says:

    This is a great article and is something I was just thinking of with all the “perception management” aka deception going on everywhere you look. Deception is not truth but it has been made to seem so. GMO’s are not food for humans, but they have been made to seem so. Citizen’s United is not for citizens at all but it has been make to seem so.
    The frightening thing is that we are in the next stage of “perception management” already where we are allowing things we don’t want to be forced on us.

  4. Abe says:

    Sterling Hayden had it right in his portrayal of Gen. Jack Ripper in “DR. Strangelove”.

  5. irene says:

    If one side of the shaddow government is at war with the other side of the shaddow government ; who is to say we are not just collateral dammage . The floride thing is not specifically to “poison” üs , it’s to hide a known killer in plain sight. Same with amalgums and cole fireing plants , vitimins and processed food . Ever wonder why processed food has so many non food chemicals that also appear in printing , petrolium & permenent dye ? Plausable deniabillity , and that is what the food industry , the chemtrails industry , the nuke power industry , the banking industry , energy , mining , agriculture , etc….. Stop the plausable deniabillity and you have a court case . I say Film every living moment of all Judges nd justices , congress and senate , and remove their plausable deniabillity for bad judgements and bribery . Film every moment of the lives of those who want to take our freedom !

  6. Angel says:

    Good, thoughtful article. Thanks, Barbara. Knickers – go to organic cotton or hemp at Peopletree or Greenfibres (UK) or hempiness or similar in the US. And the organic bedding and pyjamas are a dream – treat yourself and help to heal the planet. Love it! Also go to your local farmers’ market, support local shops and businesses and above all – get informed and help others to see what is going on. Dr Mercola and GreenMedinfo good sites to start.
    It isn’t just about money – it’s about control and poisoning us.

    Much love

  7. Jeff Fitzhugh says:

    They could dilute arsenic and you could consume it. I can’t believe they are allowed to do this. I can’t believe people aren’t raising hell about this. I mean what doctor would say this makes sense? Where is the reasoning that a toxc poison can be added to your water and the lie that consume it lowers cavities? Of course they know almalgams are so toxic you can’t even breathe in the fumes, but they are still using them even though they have other materials they could use in place of this toxin. The citizens shouldn’t even have to do this. I mean there are watch groups and they should notify the government, but it’s all about money.