In an industry dominated by genetically modified seeds, a poor farmer struggles to survive. When he resorts to smuggling now-illegal organic seeds across borders he risks everything. (


The really disturbing part of this is that the site in which this originates is for educators. The film is accompanied by the following lesson plan for students, in which they are to propose a new GMO product:

The lesson reviews the history of agricultural biotechnology. Students will propose a new GMO product based on need, potential for profit, and minimal environmental effects. After the film is shown, students will be asked to consider a future similar to the one depicted in the film. Students are invited to make a prediction concerning the future use of GMOs. They will then investigate the predictions on the Predict-O-Meter, which is located on the FUTURESTATES website. Students are encouraged to add a prediction of their own design. Students will conclude the lesson by responding to a writing prompt. Lesson Plan PDF

Barbara H. Peterson

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3 Responses to “Monsanto Wet Dream”

  1. Avanti says:

    It’s too brief to show more things.

  2. Goldbug36 says:

    Under Agenda 21, there will be no “future states;” there will be controlled FEMA Regions. Their plan is to depopulate the world and shove their remaining worker bees, a.k.a. slaves, into rat cages in the cities, converting small towns, rural and farm areas into pristine wilderness — “no humans allowed” zones. The “common core” curriculum is now brainwashing our kids that their parents and grandparents have ruined the planet. Ja, die Obamajugend will soon be ratting on their parents.

  3. jamesat17 says:

    How many of you out there ever went to Disneyland in Anaheim, Ca during the 60’s/70’s and saw the Monsanto World Of Tomorrow exhibit? Now, how many of you thought your future was bright and hopeful?