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This study shows that glyphosate, the active ingredient of roundup, enhances the damaging effects of other food borne chemical residues and environmental toxins.

Full study here: Gly, Modern disease,Samsel-Seneff


Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup®, is the most popular herbicide used worldwide. The industry asserts it is minimally toxic to humans, but here we argue otherwise. Residues are found in the main foods of the Western diet, comprised primarily of sugar, corn, soy and wheat. Glyphosate’s inhibition of cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes is an overlooked component of its toxicity to mammals. CYP enzymes play crucial roles in biology, one of which is to detoxify xenobiotics. Thus, glyphosate enhances the damaging effects of other food borne chemical residues and environmental toxins. Negative impact on the body is insidious and manifests slowly over time as inflammation damages cellular systems throughout the body. Here, we show how interference with CYP enzymes acts synergistically with disruption of the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids by gut bacteria, as well as impairment in serum sulfate transport. Consequences are most of the diseases and conditions associated with a Western diet, which include gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. We explain the documented effects of glyphosate and its ability to induce disease, and we show that glyphosate is the “textbook example” of exogenous semiotic entropy: the disruption of homeostasis by environmental toxins.

Authors: Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff

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3 Responses to “New Study: Glyphosate Enhances Damaging Effects of Environmental Toxins”

  1. irene says:

    why am I laughed at for trying to prevent the highway department from spraying the ditches with 24D and round up ? Why does my municipality insist on aerial spraying of mosquitos over our pristine lakes and streams every spring ? why the floride debate in Oregon when over half the population turned up to warn the city councel they did not want the water poisoned in the name of “the children ” for their own good. Why the rush to polute the food supply in the name of feeding the world more sustainable GMO corporatism lies ? Why the push for mamograms instead of thermography ? Why the war on whistle blowers ? Why the CISPA when we have stated over and over again we don’t like or want that much serveilance ? Why the malicious one world codex government? Why hasn’t the alien agenda been refuted yet ? Why does every you tube video make Obama look like a reptilian antichrist ?

  2. Tina says:


  3. suss says:

    Fluoride and fluoride derivatives are also turbo boosting to other toxins! I didn’t know that a about glyophosphate however- interesting- thanks for the heads up!