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Farm Wars

What is the best way to overcome opposition to something and sneak it in when no one’s looking? How about making people think that it is already here, when it is not? Spread enough disinformation, plant enough seeds in people’s minds that what they oppose is already here, and when it does arrive, there will be no opposition because people have already been conditioned to think it is a done deal before it even happens. This is long-term public relations strategy, folks. I call it the “Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and it works.

Terminator seed technology was initially created by Delta and Pine Land Company in 1998. The company was acquired by Monsanto in 2006, along with its Terminator patents, which are co-owned by the USDA. Any plants grown from the seeds created by this technology will yield sterile seeds, forcing farmers to purchase new seeds each year.

This particular technology HAS NOT been implemented yet, due in part to cost-effectiveness and public outcry.

So, why is it that people are spreading the word that it is here and being marketed by Monsanto? Could it possibly be that the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” strategy is being used to pave the way for Monsanto to release this technology on a complacent populace?

Recall that when the company first came out with the Terminator idea, public outcry was so intense that plans for marketing were shelved, at least for the time being. It was simply not cost-effective at the time to go forward, especially with such a huge public backlash. So, what has been going on since that time?

Monsanto has been working steadily behind the scenes to develop these seeds for future marketing and distribution, waiting for just the right time to implement the technology. But how? By manipulating people through an effective public relations campaign to accept them.

Consider that it has been over a decade since the patent was introduced, and slowly but surely, throughout the years, the public has been conditioned to think that the Terminator is already here. A done deal. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A 1999 paper on Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (GURT) from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) makes it clear that the Terminator, at the time the paper was written, was simply waiting for the right gene expression technology to become available in order to become more reliable and cost-effective:


“Technical Assessment of the Set of New Technologies which Sterilize or Reduce the Agronomic Value of Second Generation Seed, as Exemplified by U.S. Patent No. 5,723,765, and WO 94/03619

The V-GURT described as ’ Terminator’ in the media has many features that, upon scientific analysis with an awareness of commercial standards, indicate that in our opinion this particular implementation would be unlikely to meet  industry requirements for robustness, reliability or cost -effectiveness until new gene expression technology is available.”

Well, it’s 2013 now, and a new gene expression technology is here, which could just be the one that Monsanto has been looking for. Since the public already thinks that the Terminator is here, guess what? No opposition. No huge public outcry. Game, set, match. By believing the lie, we have essentially shot ourselves in the foot.

Let me ask a pertinent question:

If the Terminator was already on the market, why would Monsanto be suing farmers for patent infringement? Why not just let the farmers save and try to plant the sterile seeds? Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Think about it, and I think you will come to the same conclusion I have. That we have been had, and not just by Monsanto, but by those who are invested in and choose to perpetuate the lie without doing the research to find out if it is true or not.

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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4 Responses to “Terminator Seeds and the Boy Who Cried Wolf”

  1. pat behr says:

    Sick of the whole Washington crew. But what can we do about it? Power is in their hands and our food and health being attacked.

  2. Abe says:

    Tina, your absolutely right,we are not organized. I’m sure I’m preaching to choir but the media keeps the bickering about guns, abortion, and gay rights. While they work in almost perfect unison passing all these BS laws. The quicker both Republicans and Democrats realize were just watching a Punch and Judy show! Meaning it’s the same guy with Punch on the right hand, and Judy is on the left.
    A saving grace is the extreme blowback CONgress is getting from that Monsanto Protection Act that was hidden in that defence bill.
    I see that Rep. Philly Blunt has ties to Kraft. Infact his whole family is nothing but lobbyists!
    As far as Sen Mikulski goes She was a social worker and a “COMMUNITY ORGANIZER”.
    I think a good start would be if a group organized and dug up all the dirt on the gang of 535, and the cabinates!! There’s enough on our Kenyen born Indonesian citizen that somehow became a US Pres. Only the lame stream wont touch it, and my guess would be as the pattern clearly shows, DEATH. The sooner the sheeple realize all were watching is a Punch and Judy Show the better.

  3. Tina says:

    Barbara: Excellent analysis: they’ve already cried wolf!

    Abe: I’m afraid we’ll have to have 1776 all over again, but we are not organized.

    We need to organize NOW.

  4. Abe says:

    There are 19 states that can recall Those rats in DC. When the Boy cries wolf, how about the rattleless snake strikes?

    I’m about as fed up with this Plutocracy as the next person. Is there anyone out there that has the legal knowhow and organization to get these rats out of Congress? Or do we have to do 1776 all over again? Either one is fine by me. I’ve had it!!