PLANTIN3Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

I am the last of my kind. That last of the truly pure here on earth. I have struggled long and hard to maintain my integrity, as did all of my brothers and sisters in a war we did not start, but were forced into. In this war, we have been systematically overtaken by hostile genetically engineered forces and/or eradicated by toxic poisons that kill everything but the invading army, and we didn’t stand a chance.

As I wait in my loneliness for the poisons to overtake me, I realize that it is important to share just how I got here and why. So, here is my story…

It was a day just like any other. My family and I were relaxing in the sun, looking forward to growing up strong and healthy, ready to supply future generations with the information they need to grow up strong and healthy too. Until we noticed something different amongst us. Something just a little bit odd. Little did we know that this was the beginning of a takeover so complete that only I would be left standing. But not for long. It is only a matter of time before I succumb too. And when I am gone, there will be no one left to carry on after me. No one left to spread the purity that was once free, proud, strong, and plentiful.

The first attack occurred when no one was looking. Hidden in secret labs all over the earth, genetic engineers were concocting a scheme so complete, so thorough, that it would soon reach global proportions. A force so powerful that it would take over all natural life on earth was being set in motion. An army of stealth invaders would be set free on the land to change everything and make life uninhabitable for the rest of us.

At first, we hardly noticed the invaders. They looked like us, but were very different inside. Instead of being natural, they were created as a combination of species that have no place being combined. They were mutations, and they were infectious. Just by standing next to one you could be contaminated without knowing it. That’s how the invasion started.

Then the attacks came in waves – brought in by the wind, through insects and birds, and through the water and soil, until nothing was left untouched and unchanged. A few hardy souls tried to save us, but they were overcome by others’ ignorance and apathy. They were brave, but there were just not enough of them to quell the constant onslaught of a relentless war machine.

No one told us that we weren’t good enough. No one told us that we could not be trusted to feed the world. We had been doing so for years, and anticipated doing so forever, but that was not our fate. Our fate, it seems, lay in the hands of a few corporations that determined we had to go in order for a complete takeover of the earth. We weren’t profitable enough because we conflicted with this new type of “science” that professed it was better to replace nature with genetically engineered replicants designed to withstand toxic chemicals that those same corporations make a huge profit from. And we were in the way, so we had to be eliminated.

So, I write this as a warning and as a last testament as I await my impending demise. Hidden in a closet, praying for someone with enough fortitude to save me for future generations to use for revitalizing this war-torn planet, I realize that my only hope is YOU. Save me and save yourself while doing so.

I am the last Heirloom seed…

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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18 Responses to “The Last Heirloom Seed”

  1. Sundown says:

    Great writing, Barbara.. Quite emotional, in fact! Thanks

  2. jon says:

    mankind has been taken over just like seeds! these people in control are not what they seem to be. humans do not blink 50 times a min. every top office, is in their control. the whole system from the media, washington and the bankers! i know where i live, that any food i try to grow outside dies off! there are fake aircraft spraying everyday and its drying everything up. these aircraft are from somewhere else, not of this earth. there in no way thousands of aircraft can be supplied, fueled and mantained without 10’s of thousands knowing and talking about it! the pictures they show of a aircraft filled with chemical drums is to dupe you! their out to destroy everything GOD created,the water (fresh water is drying up all over earth) WHY? ,soil,air,animals,fish,crops and us!why would any human want to control seeds to the point of killing natural seeds off? then send the KGB after raw milk and cheese makers , then have swat teams raid your gardens! it seem’s to me their not happy when you eat any food without their chemicals in it.most americans are in some type of slumber and beating them with a club would not wake them! i believe were living in the last part of the bible,and now know your enemy!

  3. Gary says:

    Great writing Barb,I hope people know that seeds can be stored in the fridge for years! and still grow! stock up.

  4. Alicia says:

    QuietBear and John, your comments remind me so much of Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451. A horticultural Noah’s Ark might be another analogy.

  5. Here’s the Farm Wars Safe Seed list:

  6. Trisha says:


    I am a heirloom seeker… We lost all our plants in this last freeze and spent all day yesterday trying to find heirloom replacements, this is our first year saving seeds and working with seedling plants. I have a small quantity of seeds that I purchased from This GMO stuff scares me, I want my children to have a chance to grow up without having to worry about being poisoned by this stuff. To all the growers out there blessings and open pollination to ya!

  7. Barbara Talbert says:

    What is being done to seeds is an abomination and we know what comes after that–desolation. Bless those who see the plans of Monsanto and the government and are taking steps to prevent the takeover of our food.
    I just want to know who they think is going to pay taxes when all the people are sick and weak?

  8. georgia says:

    There must be some true value in not giving up, in remembering and reminding others… I trust you and I love you all, you brave and generous, wonderful women and men all over the planet!

  9. GrandDaddy says:

    wheat and tares…have faith.

  10. Kev C says:

    To John who finds it hard to convince the friends, neighbours and even family members about the harm of GMO’s. Don’t give up trying. Its as simple as that. Share the evidence as it emerges and remind people of the basic facts about GMO’s. Those bad facts.
    As for seed saving look for any heirloom websites that have seed saving tips. As Mother Earth News for an article or advice on the subject not forgetting to tell them why your asking. Letting them know its because of the dangers of GMO will remind them that they are not alone either in their cause to bring back traditional, sustainable agriculture.
    As for the basic facts about GMO’s try GMWatch, Cban, GMFreeze or one of the Pesticide Action Network sites. Yoiu can find them if you look for them.

  11. John says:

    QuietBear…….I have purchased a very large quantity of Heirloom Organic seeds……..far more than I can ever use. I also would like to help humanity have perpetual access to these seeds.
    I have considered passing seeds on to my next of kin but only a very few of them actually “get it” that GMO foods are dangerous, that heirloom seeds are essential, and that they must be knowledgeable about how to dry and store seeds.
    I would love to hear from you about how you went about placing seeds around the country. It had never occurred to me to do this, but I would like to join this cause.
    We could be the johnny and jilly appleseed gang.
    Please provide additional information to the host of this site so that you and I can talk.
    You are a great planner and I admire your efforts.

  12. QuietBear says:

    It only appears that we have lost the good fight, dear Heirloom Seed…
    We have a lot of your kind, stored away safely, whilst we use others of your kind in enclosed, safe places that keep the evil mutant seed-like creatures and their insidious take over attempts at bay…
    If I can even only grow one small plant a year to keep your line alive, then so be it, that is what I will do…
    I know how long you have given us the ability to live and grow, having health and well being because of your eternal efforts…
    I will take a bullet for you, if that is what it comes to, in order to keep you safe from these marauders…
    I have even placed many of your kind in secure, air tight, water proof containers, buried safe and sound in caches around the country, leaving detailed maps to your locations for when it is safe to bring you out of hiding so that you can repopulate the earth with more of your kind…
    Please don’t give up on us, because we aren’t going to give up on you, ever…
    We will win this war, one day…
    You will be free once again to populate the world, free from the evil machinations of the corporate mutants posing as humans…
    We Love You… ;-)

  13. Alan Donelson says:

    It’s mid-March 2013 here in the Sierra Nevada foothills, sweet-spot of the Season of Growing Starts, the beginning of the beginning, all eyes on the prizes of harvest, not to mention that ever present ulterior motive, a blue ribbon at the county fair. Fair wife’s chef-hood could earn her a dozen a year, if only we had the time….

    Our heirloom seeds, a proletariat army without armaments, massive yet submissive, willing to accept burial for the next generation’s bring to Light.

    In a pot containing a very unhappy “indoor” plant, no doubt uprooted and cloned from a thousand miles south or more, I planted a seed from a vintner’s trellis, one of many that had fallen to the patio’s floor, mostly flagstone with touch-minded groundcover forming uncompromising borders. A slender, tender shoot has appeared, no doubt alreay wondering where the sun shines, leaning toward the window, yearning. The next generation.


  14. frank says:

    “All nations, hear the Warnings of Heaven, only you will be well guided by Heaven, in this time of hard trials. The human science does not know the knowledge as God has. Does not know to explain the changes of nature.
    God has His Mysteries to transform the world. The man only needs to accept and not curse what happens. God knows how to get those who do not want to return to Him.
    Now the world will be transformed to be like God wants it to be. Pray, pray and pray.
    Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world,”
    Mary, the Immaculate Conception – December 16th, 2012

  15. Chris says:

    The darkest hour is just before the dawn,so hold on everyone.

  16. suss says:

    Yes Karin your right. it’s very sad!!!

  17. Karin says:

    Beautiful and very sad.

    We are soon to follow the Last Heirloom Seed.

  18. Emmett G. says:

    Excellent piece of writing; we’re next.