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2 Responses to “Noncompliance Works! Roxy and Barb Chat”

  1. Irene says:

    I haven’t been able to open the linc. I have been trying to keep my herd of dairy goats organic. I have stopped feeding alfalfa to them and I’ve done this for many years. We went through the mineral deficencys and the low protein problems and have developed a line of goats who breed and milk on a low protein and low mineral regeime. I never wanted to abuse my goats this way but because the GMO feeds cause low fertillity I have been forced to feed only weady grass hay and only tiny amounts of grain like Quinoa or oats and barley. The inevitable protein shortfall and the calcium phosphorous imballance I deal with by providing all the mineral blocks I can buy at the Ag supply and offering weird things like a whole pine tree or mountains of willow tree clippings. I also keep a greanhouse full of fodder and feed that to my goats as well. In that greenhouse I keep deep rooted high volume plants like jerusalem artichokes and peas and quinoa. If anyone else is trying to keep organic dairy animals in this regulatory environment I’d like to compare notes.

  2. Karin says:

    Just got this link to the FOIC DHS body scanner request Squip doc and didn’t know of another way to get it other than just post it here via most recent article


    I have not gone through it yet myself, so don’t even know if it is instrumental in any way.