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Barbara H. Peterson

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If you don’t think that the global “sustainability” movement pushed by the United Nations’ Agenda 21 mandate is exactly the opposite of what the very essence of sustainability is meant to be, then consider this… Monsanto just joined The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

The WBCSD is a CEO-led organization of forward-thinking companies that galvanizes the global business community to create a sustainable future for business, society and the environment. 

“The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has put out a press release, announcing that Monsanto has joined the effort for “global sustainable development”. The Council consists of several global mega-corporations such as Dutch Royal Shell and Coca Cola, to mention just a few.

The press-release notes that by joining the Council “Monsanto is taking an important step along a continuum towards developing a more sustainable agriculture system – one that improves our daily lives, respects our global environment and recognizes the importance of the world’s small-holder farmers”. (Market  Daily News 2013/01/28)

This is a leading worldwide group of major corporations banded together to implement Agenda 21, Sustainable Development.

But just what is Agenda 21?

“Agenda 21 is the agenda for the 21st Century…where everything you cherished and held true no longer exists. It defines itself as a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the U.N. systems. It elevates nature above man. “Sustainable Development” is the philosophy designed to bring human beings across the globe under the full control of a narrow human elite.” (Agenda 21 for Dummies)

So, we have a global program called Agenda 21, which is intended to strip we the people of our rights in the name of sustainable development, and Monsanto is set to head the agricultural “sustainability” part. A hoax. A farce. A global takeover of mammoth proportions. But it’s for our own good! After all, with Monsanto, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Dow, DuPont, BASF, Bayer and Deutsche Bank, along with a whole host of other ne’er do wells all in for piece of the action, what could possibly go wrong? Let me count the ways…

C’mon guys! This is the essence of hypocrisy. Some of the biggest polluters on the planet are now joined hand in hand to make the planet more sustainable? For whom? Certainly not for life as it exists now. But who cares? Not this conglomerate of psychopathic thugs. I’ll just bet that dreams of genetically modified children eating genetically modified food and dancing around in genetically modified forests with genetically modified animals fill their nights in some sort of bizzaro-world fetish. Bugs? We don’t need no stinkin’ bugs. And bees? They gotta go. Get it? Yeah, now that’s sustainable and natural. Might even be organic if everyone forgets what “organic” really means.

Don’t like it? We’ll just genetically modify you so that you will. And while we’re at it we’ll change the meanings of the words so that what you think you know you don’t.

Let me tell you what “organic” does not mean. It does not mean diced and spliced in a lab, dowsed with chemicals and then artificially colored and flavored so that the rancid chemical taste doesn’t get in the way of your “healthy” meal.

And let’s talk about the word “sustainable.” The Monsanto agricultural model is NOT sustainable:

…according to Penn State’s Mortensen, grappling with glyphosate resistance was already costing farmers nearly $1 billion per year in 2011. It will also likely mean a jump in toxic herbicides entering streams, messing with frogs and polluting people’s drinking water. (Mother Jones)

Unless of course you are talking about Monsanto profits in additional sales of weed killer. Yeah, maybe that’s what “sustainable” means to these people – a steady profit. But at some point in time if you kill off all of your prey/customers in the name of global sustainability don’t you simply run out? Oh well, we’ll just get to that when it happens. I’m sure another opportunity for profit will arise. Until then, bon appetite! Let them eat GMO cake.

Maybe we should follow suit and and redefine the word “people” to include soulless beasts who eat their own young for profit.

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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13 Responses to “Monsanto, Sustainable Development and Agenda 21”

  1. Ross Bradley says:

    My E Mail to a Mate in New Zealand, just now.

    About Agenda21 and that ONE WORLD Government?

    Mate! Global Warming alarmists who support this huge “scam” (totally based on LIES – that are designed to bring people to their knees), really do have their heads stuck well and truly in their bums.

    To even consider supporting an ‘idealistic’ ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (of a communistic regime of GREENS, fpr justice and equality for all), and with no knowledge whatsoever of just ‘who governs’ or, how it’s to be structured (the UN will ‘run it all’), is nothing short of well, a bad dream.

    An example of Agenda21 at work, here in Australia.

    Lower import prices will only last until the last farmer is off the land!

    “A near-perfect growing season has produced a high-quality crop of canning peaches in the Goulburn Valley this year.

    But sadly for growers, the Australian dollar and cheaper imported products have forced the local cannery to cut its intake of fruit again.

    That means thousands of tonnes of peaches are likely to rot on the ground.”

    “For several years now SPC Ardmona has been forced to cut the amount of fruit it takes from orchardists.”


    So it came as no surprise to me just now to learn that SPC Ardmona is owned by Australian-listed company Coca-Cola Amatil.

    As part of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 …..“The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) consists of several global mega-corporations such as Dutch Royal Shell and Coca Cola, to mention just a few.”

    Consider it all.


  2. TheGibMaster says:

    There’s so much more to it. There are many scary details about all the connections between the Secretary of Agriculture, Monsanto, Cargill, Delta Airlines and many others. Real people. Real facts. Right here. Right now. You have no idea.

  3. Ter ber says:

    Another home run article Barbara. 3 generations of a horrible education system and this is what we have come to. Gerald Celente believes waking up 20% is going to be enough to save our country. I do believe this is not the case this time. 50% of friends and co-workers are on anti-depressants. It doesn’t matter what I show or tell them. Thank you for your dedication.

  4. Cathy says:

    Monsanto’s hypocrisy knows no bounds…even their own employees, the ones who develop and make this frankenfood, refuse to eat it…

  5. Barbara Talbert says:

    If all the corporations that have joined WBCSD are not interested in their own self advancement and their own material goals I will eat my hat. Most of us older folks are not fooled, but then we will soon be gone and the indoctrinated group will take over. However, the WBCSD should not be too sure of themselves as the more chemicals they push on the people and the more they change our bacteria (and our gut in the process) the more we are susceptible to mutant strains. And then— they are going to be doing away with the people who are the source of the profits they make. Surprise.

  6. suss says:

    Here in spokane we just had a city council meeting that let us in on another bummer: neighborhood “volunteers” that can right code violation tickets in thier neighborhood- things are getting really weird- and yes two generations of braindead/brainwashed idiots that havn’t a clue- alot from every generation as well- seems like a big big uphill battle- got to keep up the fight but man it gets my blood boiling!

  7. Alan Donelson says:

    @abinico warez

    No, I do not think your assertion that MOnsanto’s only concern or aim or interest is “profit” per se, especially if you mean that in the sense of revenue over expenditures. The intent behind the products, profitable as they may or may not be, signal a much deeper purpose than monetary reward. I invite you to think deeper, read up on this company’s history, and then get back to us.

  8. Tracy Stevens says:

    I live in Michigan and I think all the chemicals have kept the ground in a thaw.I have had blooming flowers all winter!!Mother Earth will renew herself and I just pray for all of us truly kind ones left here.Thanks for your perseverence Barb,but its so hard for me to feel we can do enough to reverse how bad it is.Just enjoy the beauty of each day and rest easy that your heart is where it belongs.

  9. abinico warez says:

    Oh pleeeeze – only thing Monsanto cares about is making a profit.

  10. Tina says:

    Great article. If you see G4T (youtube), he shows a video of a meeting on this in California- hooboy, it’s hot there.

    The newest nonsense: they make a “national park”…. with YOUR house in it!

    All fine? Just wait- then your plumbing goes- but the park will charge you and arm and a leg to fix it. Can’t be fixed. so they offer you one thousand for the house.

    And you’re screwed.

  11. Karin says:

    Great !!

    You saw that speech ! I watched it yesterday and meant to bring it over here to post today or try to find contact email, and then your email arrived.

    Damn Barb, I’m very worried at this point, I kid you not. They have 2 generations of brainwashed people who buy this hook line and sinker and I have even called it a “religion” in the past, which in here speech is verbatun their terminology.

    Back in the early 80’s I bought the beginnings of this and as I’ve always loved gardening and grew up with respect for Mother Earth in the farmbelt Mid West, I was a staunch advocate myself.Having grown up that way, however I’m from the waste not, want not mentality so I try to re-use things and generate as little refuse as possible, and can proudly state that the last 2 yrs have only used 4 tankfuls of gas in my old van. I”m also a thrift store magnet :))

    They have the media, the money, law, everything on their side. I’m a smoker ( I know ) but they passed a law in a district in SF where people can’t even smoke in their own homes? Have these people lost their everloving minds concerning personal freedom?

    There are so many areas I could go into, and rant on and on, have collected alot of information and as twitter is my only venue where I’ve exposed myself to “social” (FED) media, I tweet about this stuff often. The younger crowd get downright angry if you speak up above this.

    Keep up the good work as always, and I will do my best also. We need a Lord Monckton in the US but doubt that will ever happen Greed Rules in the good ole USA along with #UN :(

    Thanks as usual for your dauntless work in keeping us informed.

  12. Alan Donelson says:

    Bravo! Well said! Thanks, Barbara.

    May awareness and understanding of Agenda 21 in all its subtle guises, a conscious appreciation of the real threat to Life and livelihoods on this planet that grows and increases among all peoples today, outpace the unbridled evil coalescing among corporate pirates and totalitarian regimes. And may GOD bless this planet and enlighten all of Creation, especially including human beings.

  13. Mark Curtis says:

    This article has one thing that none of these CEOs or their profit obsessed share holders will ever have.

    PASSION! Keep it up.