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7 Responses to “FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy”

  1. Sundown says:

    Very informative.. Thanks!

  2. irene says:

    Years ago there was a legal organization suing all senators and congressmen, except Ron Paul, for breaking their oaths of office. I volunteered to deliver a supoena to Denny Rehberg and had a nice conversation with his chief of staff at that office about the issue. Nothing came of the court date and I received no answer of any updates on my actions, not even a letter from the senator or the peoples legal councel. Every single one of us deserves answers concerning the breaking of offical oaths. We deserve our day in court. We deserve our vote to count. We deserve the truth in all things and we deserve self determination to make whole and human choices for our bodys and our communities. My day in court was denied, my vote has been denied. Frontline has exposed the criminals for what they do and still NOTHING.!! THe SILENCE IS DEFFENING !! I CAN’T HEAR .

  3. irene says:

    that is all we are given to vote for, bought and paid for brainwashed unthinking bad actors. My very own monsanto senator is on both the ag and money pit committee. He slipped in the spiffy rider that gives monsanto gglacier national park to test in. Ugh, it makes me shake I’m so angry. I send him movies he never watches, nor does his staff. I sent them an active copy of seeds of deception{actually the movie version named} lots of articles and movies from this sight, and more dambing evidence. I sent Frontlines latest about how the bankers bribed HIM !! the answer I get is a form letter, blah blah..

  4. Jeannon Kralj says:

    Thank you for this excellent video. I sent it around to my small “circle of influence.” I have been fighting about this in my town to some small degree for many years.

    It is amazing how our mayor and each and every city council member — current and over the last 15 years or so have all been repeatedly presented with the scientic facts about fluoride, yet they all refuse to do the right thing. They are receiving some unknown reward or personal benefit for poisoning the children and keeping our special education classes and juvenile detention centers and prisons filled with mainly African Americans and Hispanic Americans.

    You can show them one scientific study after another from Harvard and a host of respected institutions and they just shrug the information off and appear to be totally uninterested and unconcerned. For that reason every single person needs to do what they can to expose their duplicitous words and actions.

    I am still a little confused or lacking in understanding regarding exactly what health adverse effects result from fluorosis, white spots on teeth. The video said fluorosis is not simply a cosmetic problem. It does represent demineralization and I guess that means that the teeth will break down or wear out sooner later in life. But still the “adverse health effects” of fluorosis was not made clear enough.

    There really is no way to effectively keep the fluoride out of our lives UNLESS and UNTIL they turn the spigottt off at the City water plants.

    Austin, Texas, fluoridates its municipal water supply with the highly dangerous and toxic chemical hydrofluosilicic acid. This is what the chemical that attracts lead and which breaks down in the human brain to destroy the impulse control area of the brain and the cognitive processing abilities of the human brain. Black and Hispanic children have gene attributes that make them even more susceptible to permanent lifelong brain damage than the also-affected White children. But apparently the under-the-table money flow and money controller straight jackets our politicians live in is much more important that destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    Anthony Gucciardi of recently said on a radio show that there were inexpensive test strips to test for fluoride levels in the water we drink. The truth is there is nothing on the market so that we can accurately test the “fluoride free” bottled water or filtered water we try to have for oursselves in a inexpensive home test.

    Here is the mysterious fluoride content at shown on our city water website

    Fluoride (ppm) 4 0.43 0.54 0.49 < 4 Natural geology, supplement

    A scientist in this sgreat video said he thought the allowed fluoride content in our water should be well below 1, so is the average in Austin of 0.49 "well below 1" and in the safe level, or is the " 4 " really our fluoride content? I have no idea.

    There is nothing in our official water content info from the City of Austin that shows the 'hydrofluosilicic acid" measured content in our water. Yet Alex Jones of now sells "Pro Pure" brand of water filters and claims the filters remove "up to 95 %" of hydrofluosilicic acid from water filtered in this brand of water filter. But from what I can tell this is gross marketing deceptive speech as there is no way to have a before and after measurement of hydrofluosilicic acid in our water.

    All we get is lies from our mayor and city council members and to me, those are the people responsible for the decision to poison the people. Expose them all with this excellent video, and for heavens sake, stop voting at all for these disreputable purchased politicians.

  5. Goldbug36 says:

    The Mayors of cities and towns appear unwilling to hear about or discuss the harm they are doing to their citizens, and our Sheriffs allow the unconstitutional EPA to enter our counties and dictate and mandate policy. I’m afraid most of them have succumbed to bribery by the federal agencies.

    Perhaps citizens should come together and file class-action lawsuits against their local officials who knowingly and unlawfully medicate and harm their citizens. I have personally spent hundreds of dollars on fluoride filtration for drinking water, but fluoride filters are unavailable for my shower, so I am stuck with skin rashes.

  6. Abe says:

    Dr. Strangelove was made in the 63. Due to the movie “Fail Safe” and the assassination of JFK it was held back and not released till 64. It was also cut and made into a dark comedy. the plot in a nut shell is that a Genereal thinks the Russians are behind the plot to fluorodate our water, send 42 B-52’s to nuke Russia, this sets off the “Doomsday Machine” and causes the end of the world.
    I think the subliminal message behind it was that anyone that questioned fluoridating our water would be concidered nuts.
    The fact is Hitler and Stalin used fluoride to dumb down there prisonners! Obviously they didn’t give a rats ass about there teeth!!
    Sorry I haven’t been around lately. My email was hacked and took some time just to get into it and close it down. I think some one didn’t like my love letter to Amy Klobuchar. LOL I lost 4 years of research, but I still have my memory. Still be a while till I’m back to full strength, plus were starting the hard push on the GMO labeling law in Minnesota. We had a phone conference this week planning our strategy. That went well, and frankly impressed the hell out of me (for what it’s worth).
    I’ll keep you posted. Could be this summer. Were getting support from all over the country.

    Precious bodily fluids

    commie conspiracy

    Gen. Ripper figures out fluoride makes him impotant

  7. irene says:

    Holy CR^^P !!
    OMG I’d NO IDEA !!DAMB it@all