The swelling farmers’ protest against the Polish government’s sell-off of prime Polish farmland to foreign multi-national corporations has now spread to five Polish provinces.

Farmers are demanding:

An end to “land grabbing” by a collusion between the Polish government and foreign corporations A ban, by law, of the planting and trading of GM seeds in Poland A freeing-up of the regulations that restrict and prohibit the local sale of “made-on-the-farm” quality produce.

The Polish government, which claimed to have banned GM planting in Poland as of 28th January, 2013, is still allowing “trading” of GM seeds in compliance with a European Union directive which calls for GM planting to be permitted in “special designated areas.” Under this clause the land being sold-off to multinational corporations could be used to grow GM crops on prime Polish farmland.

The protesting Polish farmers are currently in negotiation with the Polish government, but so far their demands have not been met. The farmers are preparing to block-off Warsaw if the government fails to respond in full to their demands.

British farmers, led by Oxfordshire farmer, Sir Julian Rose, took to the street in tractors last Saturday, 26th January in a show of support with the protesting Polish farmers.

Sir Julian, President of ICPPC (International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside) said:

“The food chain is globalised and therefore it is very important to recognise that this issue affects us all. Europeans have rejected GM foods and the broad body of evidence indicates that they are not about to change their minds. Selling off farmland to corporations makes all of us slaves to organisations that are unaccountable and have as their sole goal profit and power”.

Jadwiga Lopata, Vice-President of ICPPC and Laureate of the Goldman Prize, said:

“Farmers are demanding access to local markets and consumers want access to good quality local food. Therefore, it is time to revive on a large scale, cooperation between the countryside and the city and take power away from corporations and those who are supporting them.”

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With greetings, Jadwiga and Julian


ICPPC – International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside,

34-146 Stryszów 156, Poland tel./fax +48 33 8797114

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8 Responses to “Polish Resistance to GMO Deception Swells to Five Provinces!”

  1. Tanya says:

    The Russians can see America is going down. You aren’t willing to get your guns out and use them. You do nothing when they kill your children, but you raise hell when they try to push more gun control. The best thing for America is they come for your guns right now. Waiting they are getting camps all ready for you and the trains to transport you. Time is only better for them.
    Russians know America is going down. When I was young Communism was more suttle. They were still killing people, but they it wasn’t like it was in the 40’s and 50’s. Back then they would beat people. They would go to the apartments and load them up. To be taken and shot. The Communists were very efficient. No trials.
    If you Americans don’t realize your comments and forums are doing you no good. Many of you know what is to come. When the government is poisoning you and creating food to kill you and the elite get together and they talk about eliminating billions, then you people had better take it more serious.
    Your lives and children’s lives are in danger. If you aren’t going to use your guns, then you would be better off leaving. The Russians didn’t have warnings. WWI was raging and the iron curtain came down. Our country was ravaged with WWII and they took more ocuntries.
    You have warnings, but all you do is talk. You might not like hearing harsh words, but it’s time for you to turn off your tv and make your move. If you move first you can mess up their plans. If they move first they will move atainst everyone at once. You won’t even have time to load your guns. Are you waiting for them to come banging on your doors? When they come there will be a dozen of them. Your doors will be busted in.

    Our politicians are talking among themselves and they say now it is Ameerica’s turn and they will not like it. They say stupid Americans are policing the world and can’t even control their own country. All the dissidents and preachers who challenge them will be dead or in FEMA camps insode of a year.

  2. When I made the list I did the research and went to each company’s website and/or contacted individuals at the companies and spoke to them personally regarding their connections to biotech. Any company getting seeds from any biotech company or affiliate thereof was not included, and any company affiliated in any way with biotech interests was not included. I am gathering more requests and will update the list as needed.

  3. Fritz Kreiss says:

    To the admin, what were your sources for your list of seed companies that are safe from Monsanto contamination?

  4. george says:

    Monsanto and their ilk must be resisted AT ALL COSTS. These evil people are part of the Rothschild Banking Empire’s agenda of depopulation. They will poison all of us for a profit and allow the NWO to eventually rule over us as slaves to a master. GMO’s cause cancer, organ failure, premature aging, sterility and more. Resist this madness.

  5. squodgy says:

    CORRECTION….wrong video….VERY SORRY.

    This is the right one trying to bring the mysterious plane crash which killed nearly all the Polish Government to public notice.

  6. squodgy says:

    Please don’t think that minor positive feedback indicates a real trend.
    see this:~

    They WILL do as they are told….and that will include forcing the flu vaccine, joining the euro AND poisoning the ground and populace with Monsanto/Syngenta GM seeds.

    Or else………

  7. Broodie says:

    Whoever controls the food controls the people.
    In Australia, farmers, I prefer, “food producers”, are going broke and no one cares. No one knows how much land is foreign owned.Purchases under $230m don’t attract any govt attention The Chinese are buying all types of farmland and mines and will ship the produce back to china, with no benefit to Australia. Our government is helping them, in one case giving them $Aus600M to develop farmland. How much do Australian farmers get, a big fat $ZERO. We are expected to survive on incomes of equivilant to 20 years ago. More and more restrictions on what we can and can’t do. We are too apathetic, and need to take action like ICPPC before there are no Australian farmers left.

  8. suss says:

    Yeh, well no sh_t! About time they wise up- hopefully they’ll have success but man o man are the big ag guys bullies, evil bullies at that. I was watching this sci fy show and this kid says “you know why the bad guys always win?” “because good can’t play dirty and evil can” or something along those lines and it got me thinking how on earth things have come this far? Well because evil/bad powerful people lie cheat and steal to get what they want and good people can’t believe anyone will do that, so they loose. good people get bamboozled over and over and over again. It’s sickening really. Anyhow i am sick of all the defeats may they have victory!!!!!!!