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Baronet Farmer To Drive  Tractor to Reading

A symbolic ‘solidarity’ action in support of Polish farmers will take place on Sir Julain Rose’s Path Hill Farm on the Hardwick Estate, Whitchurch-on-Thames,  Saturday 26th January. Sir Julian will also drive his tractor on a shopping trip to Reading.

The action is being organized by Sir Julian, owner of the Hardwick Estate and President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC), to express solidarity with Polish farmers who are blockading towns in North West Poland in order to stop the government selling off prime farmland to multinational corporations to grow GM food on. Jadwiga Lopata, founder of the ICPPC, is co-organising the event.

Sir Julian recently mounted a prominent  ‘GMO Free Zone’ sign on the gates of his Hardwick Estate at Whitchurch-on-Thames and is an active campaigner against GM foods in Poland and in the UK.

‘Land grabs’ are becoming more common around the world as multinational corporations look to establish themselves on foreign soils and exploit the resource base in order to increase their export opportunities.

Genetically modified food is firmly rejected by 75% of Polish citizens and approximately 55% of UK citizens. The Polish government has recently passed a new Act which claims to ban planting of GM seeds, but in reality is allowing them in at the back door because it failed to ban ‘trading’ of such seeds.

Sir Julian said:

“Its good to be able to show solidarity with fellow farmers in Poland. The issues that they are defending impact upon all of us. Good farmland is increasingly under threat from corporate greed and most national agricultural policies are completely out of step with public demand. Governments are far too often complicit in supporting the corporate position.”

Sir Julian will drive a tractor from Path Hill Farm, carrying Polish flags and placards proclaiming ‘Solidarity with the Polish farmers’, ‘Stop GMO’ and ‘Free-up Repressive Food Regulations’ that inhibit local sales.

Date:      Saturday 26th January

Time:      11:00 am

Place:      Path Hill Farm, Whitchurch-on-Thames, Pangbourne, Reading RG8 7RE

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4 Responses to “Sir Julian Joins Polish Farmers in Solidarity to Block Land Theft for GMO Production”

  1. John Renehan says:

    You can inform all the people you want and that’s probably all we can do. They can benefit from the knowledge, but you won’t get a national movement, because the people in this country don’t care about the children killed in Waco or Oklahoma City and they don’t care about 9/11.
    We are supposed to contact our representatives and tell them these companies are trying to poison us and they are supposed to handle it. Of course they usually want thousands of signatures to present to them.
    I contacted many politicians and informed them, but all I get are their assistants who read the mail.
    The FBI are suppose to investigate cases like GM food. But that agency became null and void when they didn’t go after the ones who committed 9/11.
    Unless the American people become ruthless to meet this mess head on, then we are doomed. When they start creating poisonous food, then the crossed the line and there is no hope to go back to the good ole days.
    They are starting trouble all over the world.

  2. Barbara Talbert says:

    Bless Sir Julian and all who are speaking out about GMO’s and the takeover of the world food supply. Farmers everywhere need to protest this egregiouis assault against them and against mankind. I buy Polish canned foods when I can find them as I know they have not been altered with novel genes. If this land theft happens even that will not be an option. I believe Hungary has banned GMO’s and wonder if the back door is being taken there as well?

  3. sf says:

    Why not create a petition online and spread it to social channels?

  4. John H. Byk says:

    I had the great pleasure of interviewing Sir Julian Rose about his book, “Changing Course for Life” on my podcast blog, 2012writersALIVE. You can listen to that discussion at <a href="http://2012writersalive.blogsp.....&quot;